Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazier and Crazier

If this week gets anymore crazy.....then I will just have do deal with it but MAN it is stressing me out.

I had another incredibly busy day today.  It all started with a trip to the office before my MRI and when I got there no Internet.  It is really hard to work with no Internet.  Really what did we do before it. 

Then it was off to the MRI.  That was the most relaxed part of my day.  I wish everyday someone told me to lay completely still and do not move for 30 minutes and then gave me head phones with music I love.  Some people want a siesta after lunch, I'm going to issue MRI hour.

MRI Hour sounds a lot like Nap Time...can you tell I'm sleepy?

When I got back to work it was time to fix the Internet.  Problem solved....I have to remind them every day that I am not the IT guy but today I guess I was.  I finally left the office about 6, had to stay late since I was gone right in the middle of the day.  It was home for a second to change clothes and then off to babysit.

The idea was to go over to sit while they were asleep but about 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there I got a call from my 4 year old niece asking when I was coming.  That sweet little voice was just too much to resist, so now I am baby sitting and when FatGirl is in charge we get to watch movies and eat popcorn and stay awake until I say time for bed. 

I ate better today and I am finding hard to resist this popcorn sitting in front of me.  I gave it to the kids first so hopefully they would eat the majority of it, and they did, so I get the last of what is in the bowl.  Sounds like a great almost midnight snack. 

Here's to doing even better tomorrow.

BTW:  I got the MRI done today but I don't get the results until Monday.  I asked the guy if he could see what was wrong, and he said yes.....then I asked him what was wrong, and he couldn't tell me.  I hate HIPAA or privacy or whatever keeps him from being able to tell me.  Ill let you know on Monday.

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