Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know its the 3rd day of the new year but today seems like the new year.  I finally got to go run this morning after a week of not working out, not running, nothing.  I kept thinking I was going to gain about 30 pounds this week so I was incredibly cautious about what I was eating.  I even dreamed that I was fatter when I went to work to my surprise when I went to the gym this morning and someone told me I looked skinner I was thrilled. 

I am so happy to be back in my swing of things.  This morning was a 4 mile run and it felt a lot like work.  I could tell that I hadn't run in a week.  It started off good but my lungs didn't like the cold weather.  About ever half mile I would have to stop and walk for a few steps and cough up my lung....then start running again.  It was pretty annoying but I did it.

On Wednesday we are headed back to the steps.  I will have to gradually get back into this one.  It has been a while and I seem to cough more when I am winded and I stay winded on the steps.  My running buddy is still trying to qualify for Boston Marathon and she thought the steps were the best exercise for her, and I think it is just really hard and in my experience the harder the workout the better the results. 

So here we go, back into hard core training to qualify for Boston.  I know I am not trying to qualify for Boston but I have enjoyed training for it.  I love setting a goal and achieving it, I think that is why I want her to make this sooooooooo bad. 

All of you out there who have set your resolutions, good luck to you, and don't quit after 2 weeks....The rest of you out there continuing on with your weight loss LETS GO AND GET THIS WEIGHT OFF!


Jane said...

I know for a fact that running partner of yours appreciates your help and company! ;)

Kari said...

just found your blog through another one that I read...just wanted to say as an overweight momma, your blog was just what I was needing right now..looking forward to reading more!!

Emily said...


So glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy what you read. Good luck becoming and super skinny hot mama!


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