Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Got An Award


I'm so sorry guys that I have not been on here.  I have a thousand excuses and some of them are really good but they are all just excuses so I will spare you.  I will however tell you about my last 5 days I think it is now.

For starters I live in Tennessee.  I love the south, hot summers cold winters and an average snowfall of about 7 inches a year.  Well Monday morning I woke up to 11 inches at my house.  I am not one of those southerns that thinks that I can drive in the snow and ice....actually I am terrible at it.  I didn't particularly like to drive in the sunny 80 degree summer so ice really doesn't go over well.  Well, everything closed on Monday because of the weather so there was nothing to do.  I worked from home all day, attempted to sled but the snow was so deep that the sled just fell in the snow and didn't go anywhere, and ate. 

Then Tuesday, go figure, because its 20 degrees there is still ice and snow everywhere.  I was a brave little girl and went to the office.  Once I got to the office my blood pressure was 190/120 so I got my stuff done there and went back to the house and worked from home.  I did go back to the gym that night to swim with my swim partner and got a good half hour in myself before she got there.  Then home again...all bored...more eating and watching TV.  I know, I could have made better choices!

Well today was back to the grind full force.  I had my knee doc appointment today and was not about to cancel because of the roads so at 5 am I hit the road.  This gave me nearly 3 hours to make and hour and a half drive.  It did take me over 2 hours to get there but I was early and got to go back early and actually finished my appointment  before it was ever supposed to start.  Pretty nice!  Well, the verdict from the doc....we don't know what is wrong.  The symptoms suggest ACL tear but my knee was pretty tight (I know that may seem really weird but I have talked about knees my entire life so I may be skipping some details) and he wanted a new MRI of the knee.  So tomorrow I get to drive back to the doc and have an MRI done....and I have to miss my hair appointment to do so.  These roots on my head have got to be done soon, I'm completely two toned now. 

Once I got back in town it felt like 3pm but it was only 9:30am so it was off to work.  Work work work work work!  So I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off making up for 2 days off work and trying to get ahead because I will miss another part of the day tomorrow. 

Again, sorry for being MIA so long.  Basically on the diet and exercise front I have done awful.  I cant go out and run, its not the cold is the mounds of ice and snow on the side of the road, but I have been to the gym the only day it has been open.  I know I could have done better at home, maybe a workout DVD or something but I just didn't.  And the food, my gosh, if I saw it I ate it.  I actually had to buy a new remote because I got the old one confused with an Oreo and took a big bite out of it. 

I'm sure the ice isn't going anywhere soon but maybe my routine can get back to normal before the week is over.

I have more stuff to say tonight so check know I have a Biggest Loser review and after 5 days of talking to no one I will just talk to you guys.  Its soo good to be back.

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