Friday, January 21, 2011


Today I was determined to run...I was not going to let this stupid snow keep me from running for another week. 

Last nights conversation between me and my running buddy was funny.  It started with, we cannot run.  It would be to cold and snow and probably ice and every other excuse you can think of.  After talking it over we figured we might as well just run, its been cold (extremely cold) for 3 weeks, what is different about today?  Answer:  Everything

We met like normal at 7am and it was a wonderful 19 degrees outside and snow on the ground...again.  The first half a mile was brutal.  It usually takes about half a mile to get the frigid cold out, but today it was awful.  At about the mile and a half point I was sure that my body has lost the ability to warm itself back up.  Mile 2 my running buddy and I separated for about half a mile.  She runs this huge hill and I run around the same huge hill and we meet on the other side.  By this time, my face was freezing off, and my legs were even worse.  I had on running tights that are supposed to be warm but once I started sweating and my tights got wet then the cold made me even colder.

We ran together for 4 miles and I finally had to call uncle. She kept running and got 8 miles total, I went inside and swam my final mile.  I think she was probably glad that I quit running because I was complaining a little bit.  I know you all are shocked by that after reading this post, I would never complain.

I will give cold weather running another go or two because it is apparently going to be cold here for a while but I am going to have to find some warmer clothes or something.  I need a ski mask and running coveralls.

To all you runners in the cold states and not in the south...I do not know how you do this for months on end.  I am so ready for warmer weather, I know, once its hot I will be looking forward to the cold again.  I miss sweating, like that sweat dripping of your nose, worked so hard that I have to change shirts, sweat without ice forming on my pants and toboggan.  Tonight, I have to make a trip to buy sweat pants then tomorrow we run again!  I will try to have a better attitude tomorrow.

Sorry, I am just a bit over this! 

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