Saturday, January 15, 2011

I've Got Some Braggin To Do

I'm not bragging on myself!  I thought I would just get this part out of the way.  I was a horrible dieter today...but I did get the opportunity to go to a swim meet for my swimming  buddy today and I just have to brag on her a bit. 

It was a Special Olympic Event for TN.  She swam in three different races, I only got to see two of them.  But there was a 3rd and 4th place finish (note the medal.)  I am a super proud swim coach right now. 

April and I after the first race.

She also finished with a 2nd place in a Relay, that was the one I missed.

So proud of my swimmer.  I have a few more pictures but I have to crop them a little bit.  As you know I don't post other people without their permission so I have to crop some out.  So check back in a little bit to see all the pictures.

So proud!

Some photos from the day....

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