Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Multi-Tasking At Its Finest

I am finally home, it feels like the first time since Monday morning.  Other than 7 hours of sleep it is the only time I have been in my house in the last 2 days.  I have had 2 crazy busy days.

For starters I did get to run yesterday morning and it was really nice to get out there and run again.  Then work at job 1 and 2 yesterday and both were busy, yea!  I did try to quit my job at the gym last night about 4 times but they wouldn't let me.  You know everyone with their resolutions.....BUSY! 

Then last night after an incredibly overwhelming day I was ready for a workout but I was not sure that I could do Jillian workout.  Luckily my workout buddy was game for a fun workout last night too and we did Hip Hop Abs.  I got in touch with my inner gay man and danced my little butt off.  Lots of "Heeeey!" going on during the workout.  One question though, Sean T has a great body and during Insanity he takes his shirt off, but for some reason during Hip Hop Abs he keeps his shirt on the entire time.  Why Sean T why, take your shirt off!

Really, why would he ever wear a shirt!

So I got home last night after 11pm and it was off to the gym again at 7:30 this morning.  I had to get in my Cut workout even though I skipped it last night.  This morning my running buddy actually came and did the workout with me.  This was the tough one too, the one with the 5 minutes of sprints at 9mph.  It went way better than the last Cut workout. 

Then it was off to work again today.

I was able to do lunchtime Zumba and it was so much fun.  We have brought the 80's back in full force with some of our new songs, we actually danced to the Tootsie Roll today.  I was glad to get back in there today because I don't get to go as much as I want to anymore. 

I finished my day off with more work and then a swim in the pool.  My swimming friend and I have been off for the holiday so it was fun to get back in the water and swim....honestly I don't think I swam at all over the holiday break.

So now I am home and after 2 days of not being in my house I am doing everything I need to do, all at the same time.  I am watching my Biggest Loser, Season 11, ohhhhh yeah, doing laundry, packing bags, operation hair removal, and skin clearing extravaganza!  That may be sharing a little to much but they all have to get done at some point, might as well pluck eyebrows while watching the show I love!

I hope y'all were able to follow all of that.  Just so you'll be impressed with me I typed all that while watching the weigh in on Biggest Loser and I could tell you what any of these guys weigh.  Multi-tasking, that's my middle name!

Now onto Biggest Loser, we are only 30 minutes in and I already love this season.  I love that they have people who have been successful in weight loss and they are just continuing on.  I was not a candidate for them because I had already lost 75 pounds when I went to the casting and I guess I didn't have enough left to lose.  But I do understand what these people are talking about when they say they have lost 100 pounds and are still over weight.  Its hard sometimes to look in the mirror and be so happy at the loss of weight but to be disgusted at the fact that there is still 75 more to go.  That is one reason I love this show so much because it does keep me motivated, used to it was I wanna lose weight like them, and now it's "I BET I CAN DO THAT TOO!"

Now I have to get off here and get back to my over productive night, I just heard the washer go off.  I just might be back on here tonight if the show needs me too, other wise Ill be back tomorrow. 

Tomorrow steps and running, wish me luck cause its been too long since I ran the stadium and I am afraid it might kill me tomorrow.


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