Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Plan!?!?!? Don't Mind if I Do!

Its not really new, just changing again.

Basically, last October I had to decide what my main focus was, losing weight or running a marathon...I made my decision.  I focused on diet that was more suitable for running than weight loss.  Well now I am looking at possibly being off my feet for a few weeks depending on the treatment for my knee, so my focus has to change again.

Rather than eat more freely and workout to burn the calories, I am going to have to get my diet part of the weight loss more under control and less focus on the workouts.  Don't worry, I am still going to workout as long as I can, but if surgery is in my near future then I have to get this diet more strict. 

I have always read that it takes 11 days to develop a habit so I am focused on the next 11 days, very seriously, to get my diet back to less calories, less junk (processed foods, sweets, etc.) quality of foods, and protein.

I have enjoyed the last few months of a more relaxed plan but my waist line is tired of it...And so am I.  You know my clothes still fit, but my weight has fluctuated back and forth and I feel more run down.  Time to get under control.

I have also decided to change my cheat day.  I have always cheated on Wednesday after I weigh.  I always weigh on Wednesday because its right in the middle of the week.  Monday I weigh heavy cause I had fun over the weekend, Friday I weigh light because I do really well in the week because of structure and routine, so I figure that is the most accurate weight.  Well I'm fixing to change my cheat day to Sunday.  I tend to eat more on Sundays anyway and there is no need for 2 cheat days in a week.  Just cause I don't call it a cheat day doesn't mean that I don't eat poorly.

So new cheat day, only cheat day is Sunday.  Better Quality Food.  More Fruits and Veggies.  Focus Changed, wish me luck.


Mrs. S said...

very interesting about habit forming after 11 days.. I may need to try that!

Emily said...

Mrs. S-
I have no idea if it is true but I have believed it for a while and it works for me. If it aint broke dont fix it.

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