Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Workouts

I always try to keep my workouts different and fun.  I figure that way I never get bored with the same thing over and over again.

A few days ago a friend asked me to create a few workouts for her that were not running related but would help her get faster in her running.  Basically all she was doing was running exercises.  Well I have come up with a few but I hate to give it to her without trying it out first to make sure it was a good one. 

So last night I made my late night workout buddy do it with me (even though I know she hates riding bikes) to test it out.  And I think my first FatGirl workout was a success.  It was about 30 minutes long and I was just pouring sweat when it was over.  I think my workout buddy might hate me now, but it was a good one.  I am trying to come up with 2 more for her.  If she likes them too I might share, but I am not a trainer so I hate to put up a workout.

I did good with my workouts yesterday but I did horrible on my food.  Its not that I ate bad food but I ate lots of food.  I spent the entire day hungry and I thought maybe it was bored hunger, but after the busy day I had I doubt the bored thing was an issue.  I would think I was hungry and wait 10-15 minutes and then still be hungry so I would have a little snack...well this went on all day long and I could just not get over the hungry feeling.

Today has been better, Subway for lunch, and again I hate new years because it took me 30 minutes to get 2 sandwiches because everyone and their mothers uncle was eating there.  Oh my goodness!!!!

Tonight I have my Core Power and then a dip in the pool and yes, tonight I really just want to get in the hot tub, but I will swim 1000 yards before the hot tub.

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