Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ready for Routine

Ok, the snow has been fun and pretty and all that crap you are supposed to say about snow when you never get it, but I am over it.  I am ready for this crap to melt and go away and not come back for a long time.  I have spent the entire week not being able to run outside (ice everywhere), falling and slipping tyring to get in my car, driving everywhere, and working a really random group of hours because some days job 1 was closed but job 2 was not, and vice versa. 

I like routine and I am ready for it to get back to normal.  I spoke with my running buddy today and we decided that no matter what we are running on Monday.  Then I am doing every single workout I can possibly get in. 

I get my results back from my MRI on Monday and I am a little bit nervous that I am going to be benched for weeks and months so I will workout as hard as I can until that time.

As far as the 11 days of good eating, well, I did pretty good for 3 days and then today was awful.  And it was soooo stupid.  I ate breakfast and then didn't really get another meal until after 9pm.  I try to eat every 4 hours....really?!?!?  Instead of eating a meal I snacked all day long so I was never completely satisfied and kept eating junk that was from Gas Stations and Vending Machines...and no I didn't pick the most healthy thing from either.  Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

I'm sorry to even come post tonight because I have not been a good little eating like I should be and I know better.  I should have packed my lunch or stopped at a Subway, anything would have been better than what I did.  (BTW that commercial with the people falling out of their breaking chairs in playing right now! Hint hint

In an effort to keep this from happening....again....I have to do better.  Why is it so hard sometimes?

Yes I broke a bench one time, and I was not even at my heaviest.  Soooooo embarrassing!

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