Monday, January 17, 2011

Running Again

This morning for the first time in almost 10 days I got to go run.  Actually my whole morning started off really well.  I woke up in time to eat breakfast, that way no stopping after the run and getting a biscuit, I packed all my bags last night (including food) and put them in the car, and left in plenty of time to meet my running buddy for a run this morning.

I could tell that I haven't run in quite a while because there were a few more walk breaks than normal but overall I think it was a great run.  I thought it was....maybe a little slow for her today but I was so glad to get back out there.  My chest hurts a little bit now...this happens to me after running in the cold, I will get used to it again but it is painful for a few days, and my legs are a little bit like jello and even after all that I am still so happy that I got to run that I don't care about those things.

Today is the day that I get to find out what is up with the knee.  I am a little bit nervous but trying really hard not to play the scenarios in my is what it is, and I will deal with that.  I am just trying not to eat my feelings.

I am hoping today will be the start of a less stressful week, I can hope right?  We will see as the week progresses about that one.

I will let you know what I hear from the doc today.  I have to call my family first because they get a little upset when they have to find things out on my blog and they didn't know!  But I will post something tonight if I know anything.

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