Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying to Get READY

I have spent the last couple of days trying to get ready for surgery.  I know that sounds crazy but I am a little bit nervous so my nerves cause me to make list and make sure everything is ready to go.  My biggest worry is that things aren't going to go as planned and I have to be ready for that as well.

I have washed all my clothes to make sure I don't have to worry about laundry.  I have moved my furniture to make sure I can navigate through my house on crutches.  I have food cooked and in the freezer so I don't have to worry about food.  If all goes well I will be plenty able to do all these things but if they get in there and have to repair more than they think,and we wont know that until they get in, then I need to be prepared.

Ok, away from the worries.  Yesterday, I had a crazy busy day.  So crazy busy that I had to cancel my late night workout.  (Don't worry, I got my run in the morning so it wasn't a total loss)  I hate being the one that has to cancel but I just could not imagine working out after the day I had.  Work was just too busy...my brain couldn't take anymore.

Today was a good workout day overall.  I made it to lunchtime Zumba and danced my little tush off.  Then off to a healthy lunch of organic chicken stew which was amazing.  So easy, chicken breast, potatoes, rotel, and carrots, big chunks of everything.   After work (I cleaned my office as well today, I was on a roll) I got in a swim.  I tried to swim harder and faster than I usually do, and I was worn out when it was over. 

We are going to attempt to run again in the morning.  Yet again we are supposed to get a snow shower overnight, but we decided to run and we will reevaluate in the morning if we need to cancel.  I really want to get in one more run.  Then another day full of work tomorrow. I just hope it goes better than Monday because I have a good boxing workout planned. 

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