Monday, January 24, 2011

Weather?!?!? Who Knows

I was very clear that I did not enjoy my run on Friday was way to cold.  So I have been trying to have a better attitude about running in this frigid temperature.  I went and bought my white sweat pants, which by the way I was mocked for endlessly, but they seemed to do the trick.  We went and ran on Saturday and my new pants held up pretty well.

Saturdays run was a little bit different than normal.  It was the shortest run we have done in forever, probably the shortest ever but one of the best workouts we have gotten.  We ran a hill!  Just one, a one mile long hill that was endless.  I know my running buddy has been running a lot more hill for her training, because I usually stand at the bottom and cheer and then catch back up, but we both ran this one.  I think this one will help with my training for the Oak Barrel Half again.  It has a hill that is a little bit steeper than this one but about the same distance and I figure any practice to get ready for the hill is better than nothing.

I have to share the tragedy of the white sweat pants.  On Saturday afternoon I fell walking out to my car, not fell but slid through mud, so my beautiful white sweat pants now have a horrible brown stain on the left leg.  Don't worry though, I will still wear them because they were such a hit the first time. :)

I workout out on Sunday but nothing much.  I felt like I needed to do something because I ate a bit to much on Saturday night (went out with the couples for January.)  So I did manage to drag my butt to the gym and get in a short workout, nothing major.

This morning the weather was so nice.  Around 39 degrees, little bit windy, and no ice on the ground!!!!!  With all this going in the right direction I just could not get up the motivation to run.  I was about 99% against the idea, but in my world I could have been 100% against it and my running buddy still could have talked me into it.  We did a 5 miler this morning and it was one of my best in a while.  I felt good through the entire run, slight knee pain but we really don't even count that anymore.  I even had to shed some layers of clothing about half way through the run because I got hot!!! (Yippee!)  Tons of hills on the run today and I ran most of them, or power walked to the top, and we bought a stove!  Yes a Stove!  Doesn't top the Fridge but still.....a stove.  We are going to end up getting an entire kitchen set before this is over, next we will go to living room or bedroom furniture I guess.

I am actually glad I ran today even though I wasn't feeling it.  You never know what days are going to be good runs and which are going to be bad but I guess you just have to stick it out.

On another food has been pretty good for the last week.  I over indulged for my Christmas party  on Saturday night but I think know that it is so much better than it has been over the last few months.  I am still working on cutting my carbs back and loading up on protein knowing that after surgery I will not get to workout so I wont be burning as many carbs.  It a bit of an adjustment for me because I am a carb eater and generally allow them in large quantities because I spend a lot of time burning them off but this is the best way I know to keep the weight off after surgery.

I will be working out hard this week so get ready for some post on that.  Looks like Southern TN is supposed to get another wonderful winter weather storm this may be some more indoor workouts.  Lets hope not.  I am hoping to get my boxing mitts in this week so it looks like we will get to do the boxing workout again...but with better equipment.  Get ready late night workout buddy!


Joel Fortner said...

Hi Emily! This is Joel with the Oak Barrel Half. We're glad you're running with us again! Good luck with training! If you have any questions or need anything let us know. or on Facebook.

Emily said...

Hi Joel....I'm looking forward to running this race again and destroying my time from last year! Keep checking back on the blog...y'all are fixing to get all kinds of free advertising!

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