Thursday, January 27, 2011

You Should Be Scared

Oh I got one of my favorite things today.  I never get anything in the mail except to bills but today, oh today, I had a mail lady come inside my office and bring me a gift.

I got my punching mitts and a new book that I ordered for my new found down time.

My workout buddy and I actually did our boxing workout last night so I think it is funny that they came today.  I have already run around the office for the last 30 minutes threatening people trying to get them to punch me but nobody will play along.  Party poopers!

My total order included Everlast Everhide Punch Mitts  and the book Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance.  I have struggled with losing weight and running at the same time so I thought this might be helpful.  I'm excited to read it one way of the other.

I plan on wearing my mitts for the rest of the day, jumping out from behind doors trying to scare people and maybe just one of them will punch me.

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