Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Days, No Sunshine

Today has been a really good day.  For the first time in what seems like weeks I woke up and did not feel like a fat cow.  It finally seems like some of this hard work is finally paying off.  I made it to the gym this morning for my swim before the weather turned sour and the tornado warnings were in place.  I just barely made it before they cleared out the pool.

After my swim I decided to get ready for work at the gym which means the clothes were packed and there was no changing my mind about what to wear.  I packed a form fitted sweater and was a little bit nervous that it would be too tight and the horizontal stripes might be stretched to their limit.  To my surprise the shirt slid right on and didn't look like a table cloth covering the Rockie Mountains.

 All of my shirts have looked about 3 sizes to small for the last 2 weeks and today is slid right on, not to grabby!  Whew...progress.

This really just jump started my day in a really good direction.  Finally results...I just had to talk with myself and not stress about my weight.  I have been so worried about my 1 pound here and 2 pounds there that I could not see the bigger picture.  I fixed my food for the week and planned my workouts and just decided that what I did would just have to be enough.  And lookie what happened, my attitude changed for the better and I could tell this morning in my clothes and my workout.  Stress is EVIL! 

Now after a day of solid eating, no cheating, I am ready for my next workout.  I have been doing some reading on High Intensity Interval Training and I want to give it a go.  One of the classes at the gym goes by this philosophy but I am not sure that I can do her workout yet with my knee.  I am still not able to jump!  I am going to go to the class tomorrow and give it a try, if I cant do it Ill go do something else but I can at least attempt it! 

I have another full day tomorrow but I will get on here and let you know how my high intensity intervals go tonight.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Workout Fashion

This weekend while at the store I caught a glimpse of the magazine stand right at the checkout.  I saw the cover of Ok! magazine and got so tickled that I actually laughed out loud while standing in line.  The guy in line in front of me started to squeeze closer to the person in front of him trying to move away from the crazy girl who was laughing and then took out her phone to take a picture of a magazine.  :)

I know its really not that funny to see the picture and I am so happy that Kendra was able to Lose 10 pounds in 2 Weeks. (I think I found her 10 pounds by the way) The reason I got so cracked up is because I had Life Flash Before My Eyes Moment but mine was more of a Blog Flash Before My Eyes.  Nobody looks like that while working out. The following is a collection of all the pictures that I have posted and in none of them do I look like that.  When I am working out you get the fro hair, makeup running all over the place, sweaty, smelly mess....not that!   

She looks so pretty while on her "run." Why not just do a photo shoot in a bathing suit and show off you new rockin body instead of pretending like you are running. Really?!?!?!  It was too much for me!

Up Late, Long Weekend

After a long, sleep deprived weekend, I am up late yet again, but actually rested.  I got to take a long nap today and I feel so much better. 

This whole weekend I have run like a crazy person.  Between work and family things I was booked non-stop.  I actually skipped a ballgame this weekend so that I could catch a 30 minute nap just so I could keep moving.  Basically since Thursday night it has been lots of little naps and not really a full nights sleep.

Right now I am cooking my meals for the week.  My operation "Eat all the food in my pantry" is almost over.  I am cooking a chili tonight to get rid of the last of the canned beans and all I will have left is cereal.  Cooking chili is a break from the baking this weekend.  I really enjoy cooking and this weekend the baking bug bit me hard.  I made one cake for my niece and decorated another one for my nephews birthday.  If I make them for other people then I get the zen of making the cake and I cant eat it because its obvious if you cut a slice out of a decorated cake.  I really wanted to eat them but I am trying to do better.  I have spent the last week hungry.  I have to ask myself if I am really hungry or if I am just bored!  Every breath I take I think of that one thing that would just be perfect.  Basically I want to eat an entire box of Fruit Loops and a bag of Muncho potato chips!  I am not giving in but the urge is hard to fight.

Ok away from food because I am making myself hungry just talking about it.  Workouts...this weekend I got some time at the gym.  Not as much as I needed but I did manage to make it there.  I got a new bathing suit this weekend.  This is like the 30th bathing suit I have purchased trying to find one that fits and also keeps my fat from squishing out all over the place and stays up at the top so while I'm swimming my boobs don't fall out the side.  Apparently swimmers are firm people as a whole because my fluffy body seems to fall out of the side of my swimsuit.  I think the one I got today is going to do the trick.  I skipped the standard Speedo section for the full coverage, 80 year old modest bathing suit that keep my flank steak from falling out the back.  It fits so much better than the others I have.  I think the people at the gym will be happy that I finally have a bathing suit that is not tread bare.

I am really starting to get the running itch.  Every time this weekend that I have closed my eyes to sleep I have dreamed about running.  I dream about training runs with my running buddy and I dream about races.  My poor running watch is getting so lonely.

Every time I walk past the watch I have a small tear run down my cheek.

I hopefully only have one more week until I can attempt to run.  I must admit that tonight while I was at the gym I just needed to see if I could still run.  I am not allowed to run yet...but once I was finished with my workout I turned on the treadmill to speed and stepped on for 10 seconds to see if I could still do it.  I ran for less than 10 seconds and it felt ok.  A touch of pain in my knee and my gait was just a bit off...hopefully we can get all that worked out before my next race.

I'm already pumped for my workout in the morning (with my new swimsuit) and the chili I get to eat for lunch.  See ya tomorrow.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Small Town Love

I love living in a small town and I just had to share one reason why today.

While driving through town today there was a funeral coming through.  It was the busiest time of the day, school getting out and to top it all off, it was tractor day!  The day when all the ag kids drive their tractors to school instead of their cars.  So in the middle of town in already impossible traffic the entire road stopped, tractors and all, in respect of the funeral.  I love my small town!

2 Days Worth of Thoughts...One Post

Its 4pm here on Friday afternoon and this is the first time since Wednesday night that I have sat down long enough to post anything.  I haven't seen my computer in days.  I haven't checked up on my blog or my blog comments, my facebook page has been completely abandoned and I had 33 emails and 22 reminders when I finally opened my outlook today.  I have been BUSSSSY!

Yesterday was a full day and what started the ball rolling.  I went out of town to go to a doctors appointment.  While out of town I got to visit my bestie in the whole wide world and see her new baby.  We had a wonderful lunch and then it was home.  I came straight home and went to swim with my swimming partner.  She and I both have been looking forward to swim together and it was a great swim yesterday.  After we swam together I got to get in a good long swim by myself.  Along with my swim I did some running in the pool.  I am desperate to run and chomping at the bit to get into the pool so I ran hard in 5 feet of water.  BTW it is much harder to run in the pool than it seems.  I have somehow managed to make myself sore doing a non-impact workout..really?!!?

I got home a little bit earlier than normal but I had to get in bed a little earlier than normal because today I had to be at work at...brace yourself...4:30am.  I am still wondering why I ever agreed to that, oh I remember because if I worked the 4am shift then I got to get off work at 11am and not have to work a Friday night.  That means that tonight is the first Friday night I have had off in about 6 months that didn't involve surgery or a holiday.  I have been super psyched about going out with my friend tonight and having a fun night and they are slowly bailing on me.  One is going out of town, another is out of town and stuck there....they all suck in my eyes right now cause I want to go do something, anything on my night off.  I think I need more friends!

So I have yet to hit the gym today but I am heading there in just a bit.  I thought while I had the moment to gather my thoughts I would sit down and post something. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hi People

No post yesterday because its hard to post when you have done absolutely nothing.  I sat on my butt all day yesterday at work.  I really wanted to do some crazy intense workout last night but my gut is still bothering me a little bit so I settled for a pool workout instead.  Swimming didn't hurt my abdomen to bad but the flip turn was not helping anything.  My stomach actually felt a little bit better after my swim.  I know I know what you are all thinking...go to the doctor!  Well I called the doctor and they gave me some thing to try and said if it is not better by Friday that I have to come in.

So I went home last night and did all the things I was supposed to do.  I took pain meds, I hadn't taken any up to that point for the off chance that I might have appendicitis and they wouldn't be able to do surgery if I had taken anything (smart thinking right) and I put a heating pad on my belly where it hurt.  I don't know that it helped anything at the time but I am feeling a little bit better today.  Its less of a constant pain and more of a with certain movements or positions.

So since I am feeling better today I thought I would try to workout on solid ground today.  I already have my workout clothes on and am ready to break a sweat.

Monday, February 21, 2011

To Workout or Not to Workout....That is the Question?!?!??!??!?!

I have a conundrum today. I have been the best little dieter ever today. I have eaten good foods, and not to much of them. I made it to the gym this morning for my swim and I noticed that my stomach was a little bit sore. Not to bad to workout but just not feeling 100%. I have spent the weekend helping move so I just assume that I have a pulled muscle or something. I got done swimming and then changed to go to work. I rarely shower and get ready for the day at the gym but sometimes I just don’t want to go back home and change.

I went to work and noticed that my belly was still a little bit tender. At this point I started to wonder if maybe just maybe I have a hernia from picking up heavy stuff from over the weekend. There was really no time that I remember my abdomen hurting bad enough for a muscle to be pulled. Then after pondering it for a while I got online...worst decision ever! I know now why doctors don’t want patients to go online and self diagnose...because I have everything in the world wrong now. I have acute appendicitis, a hernia, and a twisted ovary. Logically I think it’s a pulled muscle, but man the internet will really screw with you head.

I finally told my sisters that I was having some abdominal pain and Sister 2 kept telling me if I run a fever or puke that I have to go to the hospital. Well, I can’t go to the hospital because after swimming this morning I realized that I was missing one very important article of clothing (the one your mom says never leave home without) and I’m not going to the hospital like that!!!!

So the injury feels a little better as the afternoon goes on and again I think it’s a pulled muscle again (I turned off the computer.) I really want to workout tonight but I don’t know if it is safe to workout with my stomach hurting cause after all, it could be something more....what is a FatGirl to do?

Since I’m on the injury front I will just go ahead and share my other injury with you too. My mega stupid has nothing to do with a workout but funny none the less. This weekend I learned how to shoot a compound bow. I am not a hunter, nor do I aspire to be one, but I like to shoot things and this was new and looked cool. Word to the wise, if they make a protective pad for a particular weapon, you should probably wear it because they made it for a reason.

When you shoot a bow the little cord comes back and pops your arm and if it pops it enough times it creates a wicked little bruise and broken blood vessels.


I had a great weekend but now I am apparently paying for it.

I highly doubt that I will workout tonight and hopefully everything will feel much better tomorrow and I can really kill it at the gym.  Ill let you know how it is tomorrow!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome to the Gun Show

I think I have officially picked up too much heavy stuff.  My arms are like little noodles attached to my sore shoulders.  After I posted the other night I worked out.  All I was going to do was cardio because I had been moving all day long, and then Mr. Evil entered my gym.

A friend of mine came to workout and asked if I would help him with an exercise.  Why not?  I have to ask people at the gym for help all the time, good karma right?

Well this exercise he had was tough, he was grunting and groaning and I was laughing.  He was doing bicep curls and I was holding the bar down so he couldn't pick it up.  Basically, he was pulling against me so he had to engage the bicep the entire time.  I think I laughed to much because when he finished his first set he said I just had to try one set.

I told him I was going to put his picture on my blog...sorry its blurry, I couldn't support the weight of my 4 oz. phone.

So I sat at the bicep curl table and went for it.  I could not believe how hard this was.  I could hardly get the bar to move.  I do a lot of workouts where you have to work against someone else, sprints and pulls, but never anything with weights.  He was evil to me....this is the first time I have ever wanted a boy to go easy on me just because I am a girl.

I ended up doing all 3 sets of the bicep curls.  Why?!?!?!?  I have no idea.  Today I regret that I even helped him do the curls.  I should have just gone home.  I saw him at the gym this morning, I just made a fist and asked him to run into it because I couldn't pick my arm up high enough to punch him in the face!

I got to the gym twice today, I swam a little bit this morning to workout some of the soreness in my arms, then tonight I did some half training on the elliptical.  I got 5 whole miles this afternoon....cant wait to actually run on solid ground. 

I just had to share the workout and hope for a little bit of sympathy for my poor, never be the same again, arms!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Whole New Meaning to the Word Busy

Wow!  That's the best word to describe my last couple of days.  They have been jam packed full of stuff to do.  I'm talking about leave the house at 8am and get home after mid-night wow!  Sorry for not posting yesterday, I tried to get on but I was babysitting and there was no Internet.  Once I got home I just went to bed!

Yesterday I did get in a great workout after work, now I got to the gym after 8 o'clock which is later than I really like to workout (other than the nights I work) but I had to do it at some point that day.  It was nice because there was nobody at the gym so no waiting for machines and a lot less chit chat.  I got on my elliptical machine and ran till I couldn't run anymore.  I worked it for 45 minutes, 3.5 miles, sweating like a pig. 

I was going to lift tonight and get a little bit of cardio but now I only have to do cardio.  I helped my sister move this morning and picked up more heavy stuff than I do at the gym.  I arms will be sore tomorrow from the amount that I lifted this morning.  And it wasn't just lifting for an hour of was 4 hours of just holding heavy stuff, really really heavy stuff.  So tonight I get to spend less time at the gym and more time in bed.

I am officially training for my next half on the elliptical until I can get back on the road.  Tonight instead of pumping up the resistance I'm turning down the resistance and going for mileage.  I have not traveled more than 3 miles in the last few weeks and I will never be ready for my half if I don't get some distance.

I am hoping for a less busy weekend so maybe I will be able to post something.  Check back!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diet Melt Down Yesterday

Yesterday I didn't post because I was in a hooooooorrible mood.  I have been very diligent on my diet for the last few days and I weighted thinking I was going to have a good number, a lower number, so imagine my disappointment when I weighted and got a +2.  I was livid!!!!  I have done as much as I could this week and just couldn't believe it.

I sulked for a while, complained to my workout buddy and then just had to get over it.  I went a bought a new set of scales because I am pretty sure mine are broken!  It had to be the scales.  I got the ones that do weight, body fat, and body water scale.  FANCY!  I still stayed on my diet yesterday even though I wanted to eat my feelings, ok, I ate a handful of M&M's but that was my cheat. 

My workout buddy helped me feel better after the scale disaster and we ended up getting a great workout last night.  We lifted weights...she already sent me a text about soreness which makes me know it was a good one.

I am over it today...really...over it! 

My newest resolution is to eat all the food in my house.  I have plenty of groceries in my cabinet and I somehow manage to need to stop and get a Subway sandwich or stopping by Wal-Mart and get something to go with my dinner.  I am going to try to eat all the groceries without spending any money on food.  Isn't that the reason we grocery shop?  So in an attempt to save a little bit of money and eat only healthy food I am eating the foods out of my house.  Towards the end of the week I might be eating chicken noodle soup for breakfast. 

Another reason for this clean out is that I want to start over with the pantry.  A pantry makeover of such.  Get rid of the saltine crackers and can food and move more towards the fresh foods.  I think it could be fun.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Im Turning into a Fish

2 hours in the pool tonight...and I am pooped!

I swam tonight with my swimming partner tonight and was so happy to get to see her.  We haven't been able to swim for a few weeks so it was nice to see her again.  She swam so well tonight.  We dipped in the hot tub, best part, then it was time for me to swim some laps to finish off my workout for the day. 

I swam about half of my laps and couldn't get my goggles to un-fog so I had to take them off for a minute.  I wasn't going to swim without them so I started to run in the pool.  The doc said that it would be fine in the pool just not on solid ground.  So I ran a quarter mile and my legs were burning.  It was so much harder than I expected.  My goggles were dried out so I swam some more laps then back to the running.  I just swapped these two things back and forth and was able to get about 75 minute workout in the pool.  If you have not tried running in the pool you should give it a try...but buy water shoes because my feet are a little bit sore on the bottom.

I was going to swim tomorrow morning but I am thinking I'm taking the workout to dry land in the morning because I need a short break from the pool.  Just a day but my skin is going to fall off if I don't get all this chlorine off of me. 

Now check your clocks because I am home before 11pm, its actually 6:52pm here.  I have already eaten my supper and packed my bags for tomorrow and I am plopped down on the couch waiting on Biggest Loser!  All I have left to do for tomorrow is pack my lunch.  I am never this ahead of schedule.  See my day looked up pretty quickly. 

Fitness Ridge

For all of my Biggest Loser freakazoids out there I just have to share.  I have tried to enter that Sweepstakes they have advertised on the show for weeks and it would not let me...and finally....I got through and was able to register.  The grand prize One week at Fitness Ridge Malibu!!!!

After over a week of it not not being able to register I went to their website to see how much it cost and what all they offered.  I looked it over and it seems like a really cool vacation/workout facility.  So I have to ask....Has anyone out there gone to Fitness Ridge?!?!?  And what did you think about it?

Zumba Party

As promised I have some pictures of the fantastical Zumba party from Saturday night.  It was lots of fun, lots of sweat and lots of shaking that butt.

 One Crowded workout room!

Helen and I working the party, I had to actually work, she is hurt so couldn't do Zumba.  We just call ourselves the Injured List!

It Was Bound to Happen

I'm not having the best day today, its not a bad day just a yuck day.  Let me explain...

My late night workout last night was really intense.  I think we were having a "I need to talk and not so much workout" night last night so we got on elliptical machines beside each other and rode.  We could hardly speak to each other from all the panting and heart rate checking that was going on.  It ended up being a great workout with out heart rate in or ABOVE training zone the entire time.  That was the good part.

Last night when I got home from working out I was getting ready for bed, you know, shower, wash face, konk out in the bed!  Well, while I was washing my face I somehow cut my cheek.  I had a little blemish there and all of a sudden, open wound, blood everywhere, crazy teeny tiny cut that was bleeding like crazy.  I finally had to put a band aid on it so I could finish getting ready for bed.  I couldn't brush my teeth without blood running down my chin. I took a picture of it!

 You cant see it can you?

Next, I ordered some bathing suits about 2 weeks ago and finally got them in.  One of them fit fine, the other was so tight and so non-conservative that I could hardly look at myself wearing it in the mirror.  We are talking fat squishing out everywhere, EVERYWHERE!  I could have worn a string bikini that covered more than this bathing suit.  Well, today I started the process of returning it and getting a different suit.  It ended up taking me 3 phone calls to customer service and one online order just to get the stupid suit ordered.  It might have been a sign that I didn't need the suit but I had already invested so much time ordering it that, dog gone it, I was going to get it done.

Then today was the first time I was going to get to go to Zumba since surgery.  My doc said that I could do it as long as I didn't jump.  I have been so looking forward to this day...and I could not do it.  It hurt from the first step so I waited for another song thinking it was a particular dance move, but I couldn't do the second song either so I just bowed out of class and went to ride the elliptical.  This one really did hurt my feelers.  I wanted to do this class so bad.

On the brighter side, I got an amazing workout today.  45 minutes on the elliptical machine at level 10!  I was sweating and panting by the end of it.  Once I was done I was not upset anymore about Zumba, but I sure am ready to be able to do it again.  BTW, I have Zumba pictures from the party coming soon.

Tonight, I get to swim with my swimming buddy.  We have been on hiatus for a few weeks so I am ready to get back to it, then laps for me.  And finally, Biggest Loser tonight.  The day is already looking up.

Update:  My protein shake today tasted like chocolate dirt...I just wanted to get it all out so I can focus on better things today!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Like Tunnel Vision

Well the 100% focus is on today.  Although I was late to the gym this morning I did get there and get a really good workout.  A thousand laps maybe 1,001 in the pool.  I actually broke my workout into sections this morning in the pool to make it a little more challenging.  First 400 regular laps, second 400 flippers and paddles (works the shoulders really well) last 400 sprinting laps, with flip turns and all, no big breaths just swimming hard.


I got done with my workout and headed off to work.  I had to plan my food today around
 this "Holiday."  I had a lunch date with my Valentine and knew nothing about what I was going to eat was healthy so I ate a nutritious breakfast and packed a small dinner, so most of my daily caloric intake could be lunch.  My lunch date was wonderful, I got 45 whole minutes to myself with my 12 year old nephew.  Best Valentine ever!

Now its back to work getting ready for my late night workout and trying to stay away from all the little chocolate candies that are sitting around everywhere.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bye Bye Holiday Weight

Time to Focus!

I have had to re-focus myself a little bit. I put on my holiday weight like everyone else, about 9 pounds from October to the New Year. I got my weight loss focus back after the Marathon but still struggled through the holidays. Once we saw 2011 I got back on the weight loss train, then surgery. The main goal for surgery was just don't gain weight. Stay the same from surgery day to 2 weeks after....that didn't work out to well for me either. I gained about 4 pounds after surgery, and that 4 pounds has made me feel like crap.

I feel kinda like a pregnant lady, I am holding all this new weight right around my midsection. After my doctor’s appointment and I was released to work out again, I had a sit down come to Jesus meeting with myself and put together a new, "Get this weight back off!" Plan!

If I could count every single pound I have lost, then gained back, and lost again, I would be at 600+ pounds by now. It is a frustrating cycle but no one’s fault but my own, so let’s lose it. I am ready to start seeing that number go down instead of staying the same or going up every 2 or 3 weeks.

I did manage to make it to the gym today for a pool workout. I am still limited so there will be lots of swimming. I have my plan together for 2 a day workouts until I get this additional weight off and possibly keep up the 2 a days as longs as I don’t lose my mind in the process. And I know that 2 a days will not only help me get my weight back off but also help keep up my cardio until I can run again. The next half is looming right around the corner and I am trying really hard not to panic since I can’t run.

I hope any of you out there struggling right now will re-focus with me!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dieters Kryptonite

Sorry to any blog hoppers....I put the link in wrong so it is just taking you to my blog.  Please scroll down for my "Beauty Secrets" post.  Sorry!

 The day has arrived and I didn't even know it was upon us.  Girl Scout Cookies were delivered today.  Those delicious little bundles of goodness have come in.  The little Scouts will be picking them up today and will start delivering them.  

I'm going to make one great big assumption and say that no one can resist the yumminess that is a Girl Scout cookie.  I was a good little dieter this year and didn't order any....not one single box!  But my super nice boss who leases out storage space has allowed a local troop to have their cookies delivered to our office.  Torture!!!!!!

Now I know we all have our weaknesses, I don't buy chips in the big bag because I cannot stop eating them, but Girl Scout cookies don't even fall in that category.  They fall into the COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL Category, could sit and have sat and eaten an entire box of cookies, no discipline.  And all I can think about is eating a Tag-A-Long, or Thin Mint, or........

Zumba Party Tonight

Sorry to any blog hoppers....I put the link in wrong so it is just taking you to my blog.  Please scroll down for my "Beauty Secrets" post.  Sorry!

Tonight is the first ever Zumba party at my gym and I for one and sooooo looking forward to it.  I am working the party with one of my running buddies Helen (we are both sidelined due to injury.)  I know now that I can do Zumba so the little part of my heart that cried every time they came into they gym will be smiling along with them tonight.

2 hours of Zumba and 1 hour of just hanging out with my Zumba Buddies!  I cant wait to go to work tonight!

I Can't Jump, But I Can Hop

Oh oh of my favorite blog hops of the week and I get to participate.  I love Kelly's Korner blog hop "Show Us Your Life" but I don't get to play as much as I would like, but today is right up my alley.

 My dressing table, all three of my tips are all sitting on this one table.

Today's topic is Beauty Secrets.

1.  My hair.  I like to do crazy different things with my hair.  It is bleach blond right now and styled in a faux mohawk just in case you were wondering what I meant my crazy.  My number one rule for the hair is "I don't want the style if it takes more than 5 minutes to do and I have to be able to do it at the gym."  This is the unbreakable rule for me.  I don't have time or money to be waisting on my hair.  My secret to the drug store products.  If you check the label of Shampoo and Conditioner they have the same ingredients as the big expensive brands, number 1: Soap!  No need to get fancy.

About once a week I will use Infusium leave in conditioner.  Put in on dry hair until wet, cover with a towel, and let dry.  I leave it in all night long but a few hours would work too.  This helps with the damage and dryness from hours in the pool.

Then I style with drug store brands as well. 

I have yet to find a $15 bottle of hair spray that can do what this $2 bottle of Suave can do.  The orange tin is palmaid:  You find it in the ethnic hair section and its less than $3.

2.  Skin Care:  I tried everything, absolutely everything to keep my skin clean.  My sister finally talked me into Proactiv and now I'm hooked.  I never knew how much a difference it would make.  My secret for face care is this....wash your face first with a gentle cleaner to remove make up and dirt, then use the Proactive system.  Once I started doing this I noticed my face was much clearer.  I spend too much time at the gym with a sweaty face but I still want clear skin.

3. Makeup:  I love makeup, I like to play with it, put it on others and myself.  Give me colors and sparkles, who cares that I am 27 years old, makeup is still a fun little toy.  I don't want to look natural, I want to look better with makeup.  If I wanted to look natural I would not put makeup on at all.

tip:  Powder eyeliner.  I have been using eyeshadow for liner for about 10 years now and no one has shown me a better product to sway me back.  With powder all you need is a brush.  You can dampen the brush or not (depends on how thick you want the line and press it right into the lash line.)  It can be put on thick or thin and if you mess up it wipes off with a finger tip without smearing all the make up around it.  It is also not heavy on the lashes.  Love it!

I cant wait to get out here and see what other suggestions you guys have for me.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to the Doc Part II

Today's doc appointment went even better than I expected.  My incisions were healed completely and I was able to get all the bandages off my leg.  The doc said that my range of motion was good so I didn't have to do any physical therapy (I didn't know that was up for debate so yeah! no therapy) and I could swim and workout again.  I was expecting a long list of things I could not do, but instead I was told that I could do anything that was non-impact.  I can basically do anything except run and jump.  I can even lift weights on the bottom half of my body with some limitations there, but I can live with that. 

This means that I can do the elliptical (which is officially how I will be training for my next half) the bike, swim, and weights.  He did say that I cannot run for 4 more weeks which puts a little bit of a kink in my next run but like I said, I will just do my running on the elliptical machine.  I'm just so happy to be able to move again that I cant stand myself.  He even said I could do Zumba as long as I skipped the jumping.

After my doc I met with the brace guy and my brace was in, ready, and fabulous!  This is the 3rd knee brace I have been fitted for and I just assumed it would be just like the rest but it is a little bit different feel.  It applies pressure to the inside of my knee to take the force off the outside of my knee.  Just a little awkward but I am sure I will adjust to it.

Can you see it?  No need for reflective clothing anymore.  I just love it.

When I got home I had to test this new knee brace out and see if I had lost all of my cardio.  I rocked out the elliptical on level 7 for 30 minutes.  I was sweating like crazy and just had a big ol smile posted on my face.  After my cardio I wanted to swim but I just didn't have the time.

I went and watched some ballgames, did some cleaning and then made it back to the gym for another 20 minutes and got to swim.  Both trips to the gym today were incredibly short but I would have gone 10 times if I could have.  I got to get in the pool and swam half a mile before I just called it a night.  My tank is empty.

As far as the brace goes it held up right nice, I am hopeful to see how it works.  I'm already looking forward to my next workout, even though I have no idea what I will do tomorrow, I have not planned that far in advance.  Ill let you know how it goes.

Hope you all have a great night!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today goes down in the books as a Pretty Good Freakin' Day!

From the start to the finish it has been good. For starters I got to sleep in this morning, I woke up without an alarm clock so I rested until my body was finished. I didn’t have any morning appointments so I had that luxury today.

It was off to job #1, checking emails and returning phone calls. Then off to job #2. Well, with the winter weather looming over Tennessee people were a little scared to get out so it was not crazy busy at work. It was actually nice to have both jobs today be pretty relaxed. Then once the snow actually started I got the go ahead to close the gym. It was only a few minutes early but anytime you get off work early it’s a good thing.
My sister called me while I was at work and told me that she cleaned out her closet and had lots of clothes that didn’t fit her anymore. That was a yeah for me and for her as well. She has lost quite a bit of weight and needs smaller clothes and I have 1 pair of jeans and 2 pairs of black pants so I could use some bottoms as well.

I went up to work out and tried something a little different. I rode the bike while doing triceps, bicep and shoulder work. Instead of using a heavy weight I took a moderate weight and worked the different muscle groups while riding. It was an exhausting to the smaller muscle groups and helped me get my heart rate up.

After I left the gym I got to brave the winter weather roads and go get the clothes that my sister had waiting for me. Not only did I get 2 bags of clothes, but I also got a super cute bag that I have been begging her for for 2 weeks. Side note: She showed up with this bag the day after I had knee surgery and I gave her the sad littlest sister eyes and asked so kindly if I could have it. The sad eyes didn’t get me anywhere so I threw in the surgery card. "Please can I have it....I had surgery yesterday?" (still sad eyes) Haha, victory, the bag is now mine!!!!! When I get out of the shower I am going to try on all of these new clothes and hopefully every single thing fits so I can wear more than one pair of blue jeans every day!

Then the little things that top it all off:  I have walked around in the slick snow and ice and not fallen down.  You know there are those people out there that eat popcorn and get a kernel stuck in their tooth, I am that girl that always falls or slips in the snow.  And I have not fallen yet!  I say yet because until this crap melts I am still at risk!  And my new manicure that I gave myself last night has held on all day long.  I just knew the nails would chip or peel off and they are still hanging on strong. How cute are these?

I hope you all had a great day too.  I know I was a little braggy braggy but I love a good day!

Yippee, Skippy, Hooray, and YES!!!!

The timing worked out perfectly, tomorrow I go back to the doc to get this nasty looking dressing off my leg.  I am so ready to get it off.  I have had to reapply the covering twice because it keeps pealing off from my pants and moving my leg. 

So tomorrow I get to go get it off and hopefully the little poke holes are healed and I don't have to get them bandaged back up.

The perfect timing comes next.  My brace guy called me last night to tell me that my knee brace is in and not only is it here, but it is way cool and he can meet me the same day as my appointment to get it.  I don't have to make the 2 hour round trip drive twice in one week.  Yeah!

Hopefully this appointment I will be able to do a little bit more than ride the bike, and if the poke holes are healed maybe even swim.  I wish they would tell me I could run, but I know that is not going to happen, they really don't want me to run again.

So here's hoping that tomorrow I get to do a little more in the gym and maybe even swim.  I need CARDIO!

Biggest Loser Week 6?

I don't know what week we are on now!

I thought last nights episode was amazing.  From the previews it looked like we were going to have this "Clash of the Trainers" but that just seemed to be the hype because that only took up about 20 nano seconds and all the drama was in the first 30 minutes.

I admit that I started watching about 20 after so I missed the first challenge and came in when Arthur was explaining why he chose the teams he did.  Then they explained what happened for the next 20 minutes so I caught right back up.  As far as the game goes Arthur did what he thought was right, but he is the Shay and Michael of seasons past and no one in their right mind is going to vote him off.  But he did put a huge target on his back.

This little hiccup also made me like the green team even more than I already did...I didn't think that could be done.  I have said it from the get go and I stand by it even more now.  They are there to lose weight, they don't care who trains them, they keep their mouths shut and work hard.  With them going over to the Unknowns makes me happy.  I liked the unknowns better, they were the work hard, not so much butterflies and sunshine, and now the one team I liked from the ranch is with them....Yeah Rah!  I can route for the whole team.

The workouts were some of the most intense I have seen in a while on this show.  I don't know about y'all but I want to go buy some huge ropes so that I can swing them around the gym...especially if it would help me lose 10 pounds a week.  Hell, I already bought the boxing gloves!

The weigh in was exciting.  They all had huge numbers and congrats to Moses for losing 100lbs.

I wont tell you who goes home because I have been called a spoiler so you will have to watch it for yourself.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I,m That Girl

So we all know that girl...the one at the gym that carries around the gallon of water like they just couldn't be bothered to fill up a water bottle more than once...that one.

I finally understand why they do it.  Cause it is a hassle to carry around 14 bottles and have to keep up with them.  My food bag ends up weighing about 14 pounds in the morning and by the afternoon there are bottles going everywhere.  For that reason, I am now toting around a gallon of water, with fiber added, and filling up my cup a thousand times a day.

Classy, eh?

New Blog Hop

I just found a new blog hop and maybe I am a day late but I think this one is fun.  Its hosted by All the Weigh!

So the question this week....What did you think about the Super Bowl?

I watched the entire game, mostly for the commercials and the halftime show. I was totally not invested in either of the teams playing. I found myself routing for Greenbay but for no reason at all...I haven’t followed them this season.
My favorite part was Christina singing the wrong words to the National Anthem. I have preformed this song thousands of times (no exaggeration) in my life and I just cannot imagine how you can forget the lyrics. The whole song is just 2 minutes long!!!!! Somehow people can manage to remember every single word to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen but not the national anthem. If she had worked as hard on the song as she did on the facial expressions she made during it she would have "knocked it out of the park."
The game, pretty good. I like it when it comes down to the finish.
The halftime show....AWESOME! I’m a fan of the Black Eyed Peas and thought the show was pretty good. I was more excited to see them get a popular group than the play it safe group. Since Janet decided to flash all of America we have been plagued with oldies but goodies. (Paul McCartney, Prince, and the disaster of The Who.)
It was a good game, good night, good entertainment.

Back Up And Running (Not Literally)

Sorry about not posting last night guys.  I actually got home just a few minutes before midnight and was aiming to get right in bed.  I had to clean out my car because it looked like a bomb exploded in my backseat...workout bags, food bags, a computer bag, a few wal-mart sacks and trash.  I changed clothes about 12 times over the weekend and all of the changes of clothes were still in the car.  It took me 3 trips to get everything out.  Once the cleaning brigade started I really didn't have any other option but start some laundry....most people use a laundry basket I just use my backseat:)

So I finally got in bed about 1am.  I just decided I was tired enough to sleep and not post...and then I rolled over in bed and when I did I actually winced out loud from the soreness in my core.  I got so tickled when I couldn't roll over in my bed and thought that was a sign that I needed to post before the night was over.  So out of bed to get the computer, but when I got my it out it would not participate.

I had a wonderful weekend.  I made it to the gym ever day this weekend.  I'm still on modified workouts but I think they are working.  The first couple of days of riding the bike was uneventful, so in an attempt to break a sweat I cranked up the level, from 5-10,  and my butt and hamstrings are paying for it.  I finally worked the soreness out of my arms, and the abs....I think they are just hurt now.  I did my 100 crunches on Sunday, then I did some obliques yesterday.  Hence the rolling over in bed is now an impossible task.

My food has also been on point.  I am still cutting back the carbs and loading up on protein.  It takes a lot of the fun out of food but its a sacrifice I am willing to make to keep from gaining back a gajillion pounds while I am sidelined.  I really miss crunchy things.  I never realized that meat and cheese are the same texture, really nuts are the only crunchy I get in the day.  Some veggies are crunchy but they also seem to be the veggies I don't like.

I only have one workout tonight, no weights I have to recover, so only cardio.  Another 10 or so miles on the bike (I will stay on tonight until I am sweating) and then off to Biggest Loser. 

I go back to the doc on Thursday to get the last of the bandage off of my leg , hopefully get my brace, and maybe just maybe be allowed to get the leg swim wet not shower wet.  I just hope now that it does not snow so that I can get to the appointment.

Another thing:  Have y'all seen this new show on A&E named HEAVY?  I saw previews for it a few weeks ago and it interested me, but I am too cheap to pay for cable so I don't get it.  I did however find out that they show the full episodes online...LOVING IT!!!!  Its no Biggest Loser because its not a competition, but more of an emotional journey and I kinda like that.  I hear them say things that I have thought a thousand times before.  I urge you guys to check this one out.

technical difficulties

Hey guys. I will have a post up for you in the morning. I am having some latenight computer issues and I am trying to post from the phone(really not happening). Ill get one to you tomorrow...I have a lot to say!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wiggle Wiggle

I'm on my way right now for the next episode in my upper body arm workout and I don't know exactly how I am going to pick up a 25 pound barbell over my head when I have to use one arm to assist the other to scratch the top of my head. (No joke)

I'm working til exhaustion again tonight both arms and abs.  I got a good ab workout in last night but it was not to exhaustion because I'm really not sore so we work them again tonight.  I'm going to try to hook my feet in that machine that hands you at a decline and see how many I can do.  I am pushing for 100 but I would be totally happy with 50.  Maybe I can break it into 2 sets.

My food today has not been as good as yesterday but not bad either.  I made a mistake this morning.  I had a prepackaged protein shake (Special K) and was kinda running late so I grabbed it instead of making my regular shake.  When I picked it up to drink it I noticed the nutrition facts...29 carbs in this so called protein shake.  Well I threw it in the garbage and ate food for breakfast.  If I have to eat 29 carbs I might as well enjoy them!  I went and bought a new kind today and double checked the carbs in it, one of the prepackaged ones for when I am in a hurry. 

Just beware of that when you choose a protein shake.

Wish me luck on my weights tonight and just say a little prayer that I don't drop a huge barbell on my head.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sore is Not a STRONG Enough Word

I told y'all I was going to be sore after my arms only workout yesterday, but even I didn't anticipate what was in store for me.  Wow!  When I lift my arm to scratch my eye, pain, when I roll over in my bed, pain, when I put my arms down by my sides, pain.  That just tells me I have not been doing enough weights on my upper body. 

Tonight we move on to abs.  I am going to treat them the same way as them to exhaustion!!!  I figure since I cant get in the kinda cardio I want lets build some major muscle that will burn more fat in the future.  And the fact that I hurt is kinda nice.  I like knowing that I went so hard that my muscles just ache even when they are not engaged.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to hurt, but I know when I hurt that I accomplished something.

And while I am tooting my own horn here (I cant pat myself on the back my arms are too sore for that) let me just say how good I have done on my food today.  Mostly protein, kinda yuck, but no cheating.  The only carbs that really made it into the diet today was the milk I use to mix my protein shake.  I don't know that I could ever fully give up carbs.  The first two days of just cutting them back nearly killed me.  It made me tired and weak and kinda grouchy (please don't comment on that.)

I will get to my workout in about 45 minutes and I am ready for it, I'm kinda getting that twitchy "I haven't done anything today" feeling and I am ready to workout.  I'm still trying to think of ways to raise my heart rate without being able to use my legs....???????????

While I'm on the subject, the knee is healing quite nicely.  Most of the swelling has gone down and I am walking with little to no pain at all.  When it doesn't hurt at all are kinda the most dumbfounding.  I feel like I can do my regular workout but I know that I am not supposed to...

Crazy ab building workout in 45 minutes with a serious arm stretching party to follow. 

By the way if anyone can think of ways to raise the heart rate I am all game. Next week I will be able to swim so I will get some cardio but right now I still cannot submerge in water for any period of time longer than a shower.  Just let me know.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Gonna Hurt Tomorrow

Today I worked out during my lunch because I know my afternoon/night are going to be really full and there will not be a chance to get to the gym later.  I walked about half a mile and then did upper body weights and abs.

I can already tell that my upper body is going to be sore tomorrow.  My jello arms were just shaking like a leaf when I finished my last set and it was a struggle to pick up my fork at lunch.  Its been so long since I did only a lifting workout.  I have moved more towards the circuit where you target a specific zone to workout with weights and cardio mixed together so this was a nice change of pace. 

I tried to do the ab machine where you  hook your legs in and have to sit up at an incline.  I wasn't sure if I should have done this one with the hooking of the legs so I really only did about 7-8 of them before I moved to the floor and did the rest in that position.  Today was a good good workout!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ahhhh the Sweet Release of Endorphins

It wasn’t much but I got to get a little bit of activity today, and it was wonderful!!!! I walked around the track at a very modest speed. I got to do some ab work and even got to participate with my late night workout buddy tonight. I did not do the workout with her but I held the punching gloves and watched her hit with all her might. Even though I didn’t get to do it, it was fun to be part of the workout.

Tomorrow I get to hit the weight room for some upper body and then some bicycling. Thanks for being patient with me guys, I know I was kinda a grouch yesterday but hopefully I can keep doing a little bit more and more each day and not have to have a horrible day again anytime soon.

Ill Let You Be the Judge

I love getting emails from readers out there and I just got an interesting story sent to me about Rulon on the Biggest Loser.

photo from Fox

This article strikes me as a little bit weird, strange, but I dont really have that much of an issue with it.  Do I wish he would stop selling a huge burger and focus on a healthy menu, yes, but this resturant is established already, can that change really be made now?  And do we expect the Aqua team to stop selling ice cream and French Fries at their Dairy Queen because they are on the show? 

Just a little food for thought today...let me know what you think.

Back to the Doc

I am happy to come back to you guys today letting you know I am in a much better mood this morning.  I was having a tough day yesterday, then waxed my eyelashes off, which didn't make it any better, but today, today I am much better.  I am actually in a good mood and slipped away from the poor pitiful me routine that seemed to be the theme of my yesterday.

I went to the doc the morning to get fitted for my new knee brace.  This makes the 3rd one of these I have had to pleasure of getting.  Everyone is a little bit different and since my leg keeps changing they cannot use the same one. 

The guy that does the fitting was really nice and actually made me laugh quite a bit while I was there.  He started the entire conversation off with "Wow!  Your knee is really jacked up!"  I was laughing before I could control myself.  I mean come on, who says that!

Well we got the whole fitting process done and then came the important part...what color brace?  I went through the book, the pink was cute but I already had that one, I don't want anything normal like black or silver.  I don't have a team to match anymore so that was not a question...and nothing with butterflies or tie dye, that's too much even for me.  I was looking at green, yellow, and maybe red.  I think he was in a contest to sell a certain color brace because he asked me did I watch the National Championship game between Auburn and Oregon.  Well yes I did, War damn Eagle!  He said he thought the brace that Oregon wore, the neon yellow was pretty cool.  He had the right person there today because one thing about me, I don't want to be like anyone else so what better way to stand out than yellow.  So I agreed.  He did a little fist pump and said he was calling all the reps in the area to let them know he sold the yellow one.  (He assured me there was no contest but I don't know that I believe that) It made him so happy and I will look bad a#@ running down the street in a yellow brace!

Its the only photo I could find with the knee brace.

He made my morning very much enjoyable.

I hope the rest of my day goes as well as the morning.  I have a full day of work ahead of me then...workout.  It does have to be modified but I am going to do whatever I can do...and do it to the best of my ability without overdoing it.  Ill let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

5 Days Out and I Thiink Im Going Nuts

Another day, today was a lot of sitting down with the leg up.  I have to make sure there is no swelling tomorrow because I am getting fitted for my brace.  So no bike today no abs just leg up with ice.  I think I got it to the most normal size that I can get it.  Tomorrow I plan on doing something. 

I am not sleeping very well because I am not expelling any energy but I hope to change that a little tomorrow.  Even though I have to take it easy I can lift some weights, upper body, ride the bike, do some major ab work and punch in a seated position.  Maybe I can get worn out enough to get a good nights sleep.

I am trying to stay positive because I chose to have surgery so please be patient with me.

I did not eat well today.  I got the chance to go eat at a new restaurant in town that I haven't had yet.  I made a somewhat healthy choice, grilled fish sandwich, but I ate french fries with my sandwich.  I already packed my food for tomorrow.  As I have said a few times, I am really packing in the protein and laying off the carbs.  I am satisfied with my food but this is a big change from my normal diet.  I am not a big carnivore so all this meat has been replaced with some protein shakes.  I can tolerate them ok and the one I have taste pretty good. 

Tonight while watching Biggest Loser I kinda reached my breaking point.  I finally got up to do something else just watching the show out of the corner of my eye.  I finally decided that I was going to pluck my eyebrows.  Seemed like a good idea and then I decided might as well wax them, I have time.  So I pulled out the handy dandy home wax kit...and now I am missing a portion of my eye lashes!  A little drip has now done a lot a damage.  There is still a little hint of a eye lashes there so I am going to test the power of my mascara tomorrow.  See I do still have a sense of humor!

I will let you know how the first real modified workout goes tomorrow and let you know if I make my late night workout buddy cry again!  Ha Ha Ha!  I have some new stuff for tomorrow.

Ding Dong Dan/Don is Gone

Biggest Loser review:  Here goes (tell me how you really feel moment!)

Dan/Don (whoever you are) I have 5 words for you.  Quitter Quitter Quitter Quitter Quitter.

OH it really pisses me off when they throw the weigh in to go home and that is all the black team has done this season.  Just LEAVE!  Your making a mockery of the show.  What ever happened to the competitive nature of people.  Now we are all so concerned about being friends that they have lost the fight that used to be so amazing about this show.  I'm not asking that each episode someone stab someone in the back, but just show that you want to be the best and not all "love each other do the best thing."  I keep thinking the purple team has the fight in them...maybe the green team, aqua is all butterflies and sunshine.

Then we move on to the blue team.  Could you please just try?  They have spent the last 2 weeks having their butts saved by the black team that just wanted to go home.  Could you just act like you want to be there?

All that was the first hour

New Trainers:  Love them.  I loved that circuit workout that they put their contestants through at the ranch.  Get ready late night workout buddy cause I am stealing some of those exercises.  I was impressed with them and cant wait to do a little more research on them.

The weigh in was so nice.  They all lost weight, no black team to mess everything up.  The blue team decided that they actually wanted to lose weight.  And lots of big mile stones met.  That was a great weigh in.

I wanted them to vote off the Q but I knew they never would, remember sunshine and butterflies, but he is a huge threat to them and that was pretty stupid to keep him there.  Rulon is my fave of the new ones that came back but I am liking Moses and the grey team as well. 

One final thing that has nothing to do with the show but really has to be addressed.  Why are Allison Sweeney's clothes so tight?  One size bigger would look so much better.  She is so pretty but her clothes are so tight I can see her DNA!  I told y'all I was on my soap box today!

Good episode, not the best ever, but cant wait for next week.
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