Friday, February 25, 2011

2 Days Worth of Thoughts...One Post

Its 4pm here on Friday afternoon and this is the first time since Wednesday night that I have sat down long enough to post anything.  I haven't seen my computer in days.  I haven't checked up on my blog or my blog comments, my facebook page has been completely abandoned and I had 33 emails and 22 reminders when I finally opened my outlook today.  I have been BUSSSSY!

Yesterday was a full day and what started the ball rolling.  I went out of town to go to a doctors appointment.  While out of town I got to visit my bestie in the whole wide world and see her new baby.  We had a wonderful lunch and then it was home.  I came straight home and went to swim with my swimming partner.  She and I both have been looking forward to swim together and it was a great swim yesterday.  After we swam together I got to get in a good long swim by myself.  Along with my swim I did some running in the pool.  I am desperate to run and chomping at the bit to get into the pool so I ran hard in 5 feet of water.  BTW it is much harder to run in the pool than it seems.  I have somehow managed to make myself sore doing a non-impact workout..really?!!?

I got home a little bit earlier than normal but I had to get in bed a little earlier than normal because today I had to be at work at...brace yourself...4:30am.  I am still wondering why I ever agreed to that, oh I remember because if I worked the 4am shift then I got to get off work at 11am and not have to work a Friday night.  That means that tonight is the first Friday night I have had off in about 6 months that didn't involve surgery or a holiday.  I have been super psyched about going out with my friend tonight and having a fun night and they are slowly bailing on me.  One is going out of town, another is out of town and stuck there....they all suck in my eyes right now cause I want to go do something, anything on my night off.  I think I need more friends!

So I have yet to hit the gym today but I am heading there in just a bit.  I thought while I had the moment to gather my thoughts I would sit down and post something. 

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