Tuesday, February 1, 2011

5 Days Out and I Thiink Im Going Nuts

Another day, today was a lot of sitting down with the leg up.  I have to make sure there is no swelling tomorrow because I am getting fitted for my brace.  So no bike today no abs just leg up with ice.  I think I got it to the most normal size that I can get it.  Tomorrow I plan on doing something. 

I am not sleeping very well because I am not expelling any energy but I hope to change that a little tomorrow.  Even though I have to take it easy I can lift some weights, upper body, ride the bike, do some major ab work and punch in a seated position.  Maybe I can get worn out enough to get a good nights sleep.

I am trying to stay positive because I chose to have surgery so please be patient with me.

I did not eat well today.  I got the chance to go eat at a new restaurant in town that I haven't had yet.  I made a somewhat healthy choice, grilled fish sandwich, but I ate french fries with my sandwich.  I already packed my food for tomorrow.  As I have said a few times, I am really packing in the protein and laying off the carbs.  I am satisfied with my food but this is a big change from my normal diet.  I am not a big carnivore so all this meat has been replaced with some protein shakes.  I can tolerate them ok and the one I have taste pretty good. 

Tonight while watching Biggest Loser I kinda reached my breaking point.  I finally got up to do something else just watching the show out of the corner of my eye.  I finally decided that I was going to pluck my eyebrows.  Seemed like a good idea and then I decided might as well wax them, I have time.  So I pulled out the handy dandy home wax kit...and now I am missing a portion of my eye lashes!  A little drip has now done a lot a damage.  There is still a little hint of a eye lashes there so I am going to test the power of my mascara tomorrow.  See I do still have a sense of humor!

I will let you know how the first real modified workout goes tomorrow and let you know if I make my late night workout buddy cry again!  Ha Ha Ha!  I have some new stuff for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having a rough time. I hope things are better soon. Hope your workout tomorrow goes well.

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