Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back Up And Running (Not Literally)

Sorry about not posting last night guys.  I actually got home just a few minutes before midnight and was aiming to get right in bed.  I had to clean out my car because it looked like a bomb exploded in my backseat...workout bags, food bags, a computer bag, a few wal-mart sacks and trash.  I changed clothes about 12 times over the weekend and all of the changes of clothes were still in the car.  It took me 3 trips to get everything out.  Once the cleaning brigade started I really didn't have any other option but start some laundry....most people use a laundry basket I just use my backseat:)

So I finally got in bed about 1am.  I just decided I was tired enough to sleep and not post...and then I rolled over in bed and when I did I actually winced out loud from the soreness in my core.  I got so tickled when I couldn't roll over in my bed and thought that was a sign that I needed to post before the night was over.  So out of bed to get the computer, but when I got my it out it would not participate.

I had a wonderful weekend.  I made it to the gym ever day this weekend.  I'm still on modified workouts but I think they are working.  The first couple of days of riding the bike was uneventful, so in an attempt to break a sweat I cranked up the level, from 5-10,  and my butt and hamstrings are paying for it.  I finally worked the soreness out of my arms, and the abs....I think they are just hurt now.  I did my 100 crunches on Sunday, then I did some obliques yesterday.  Hence the rolling over in bed is now an impossible task.

My food has also been on point.  I am still cutting back the carbs and loading up on protein.  It takes a lot of the fun out of food but its a sacrifice I am willing to make to keep from gaining back a gajillion pounds while I am sidelined.  I really miss crunchy things.  I never realized that meat and cheese are the same texture, really nuts are the only crunchy I get in the day.  Some veggies are crunchy but they also seem to be the veggies I don't like.

I only have one workout tonight, no weights I have to recover, so only cardio.  Another 10 or so miles on the bike (I will stay on tonight until I am sweating) and then off to Biggest Loser. 

I go back to the doc on Thursday to get the last of the bandage off of my leg , hopefully get my brace, and maybe just maybe be allowed to get the leg wet...like swim wet not shower wet.  I just hope now that it does not snow so that I can get to the appointment.

Another thing:  Have y'all seen this new show on A&E named HEAVY?  I saw previews for it a few weeks ago and it interested me, but I am too cheap to pay for cable so I don't get it.  I did however find out that they show the full episodes online...LOVING IT!!!!  Its no Biggest Loser because its not a competition, but more of an emotional journey and I kinda like that.  I hear them say things that I have thought a thousand times before.  I urge you guys to check this one out.


Losing 100 said...

Heavy looks interesting. I'll have to check it out. Glad your back up and running!

Bethanny said...

Love Heavy!

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