Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bye Bye Holiday Weight

Time to Focus!

I have had to re-focus myself a little bit. I put on my holiday weight like everyone else, about 9 pounds from October to the New Year. I got my weight loss focus back after the Marathon but still struggled through the holidays. Once we saw 2011 I got back on the weight loss train, then surgery. The main goal for surgery was just don't gain weight. Stay the same from surgery day to 2 weeks after....that didn't work out to well for me either. I gained about 4 pounds after surgery, and that 4 pounds has made me feel like crap.

I feel kinda like a pregnant lady, I am holding all this new weight right around my midsection. After my doctor’s appointment and I was released to work out again, I had a sit down come to Jesus meeting with myself and put together a new, "Get this weight back off!" Plan!

If I could count every single pound I have lost, then gained back, and lost again, I would be at 600+ pounds by now. It is a frustrating cycle but no one’s fault but my own, so let’s lose it. I am ready to start seeing that number go down instead of staying the same or going up every 2 or 3 weeks.

I did manage to make it to the gym today for a pool workout. I am still limited so there will be lots of swimming. I have my plan together for 2 a day workouts until I get this additional weight off and possibly keep up the 2 a days as longs as I don’t lose my mind in the process. And I know that 2 a days will not only help me get my weight back off but also help keep up my cardio until I can run again. The next half is looming right around the corner and I am trying really hard not to panic since I can’t run.

I hope any of you out there struggling right now will re-focus with me!

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