Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diet Melt Down Yesterday

Yesterday I didn't post because I was in a hooooooorrible mood.  I have been very diligent on my diet for the last few days and I weighted thinking I was going to have a good number, a lower number, so imagine my disappointment when I weighted and got a +2.  I was livid!!!!  I have done as much as I could this week and just couldn't believe it.

I sulked for a while, complained to my workout buddy and then just had to get over it.  I went a bought a new set of scales because I am pretty sure mine are broken!  It had to be the scales.  I got the ones that do weight, body fat, and body water scale.  FANCY!  I still stayed on my diet yesterday even though I wanted to eat my feelings, ok, I ate a handful of M&M's but that was my cheat. 

My workout buddy helped me feel better after the scale disaster and we ended up getting a great workout last night.  We lifted weights...she already sent me a text about soreness which makes me know it was a good one.

I am over it today...really...over it! 

My newest resolution is to eat all the food in my house.  I have plenty of groceries in my cabinet and I somehow manage to need to stop and get a Subway sandwich or stopping by Wal-Mart and get something to go with my dinner.  I am going to try to eat all the groceries without spending any money on food.  Isn't that the reason we grocery shop?  So in an attempt to save a little bit of money and eat only healthy food I am eating the foods out of my house.  Towards the end of the week I might be eating chicken noodle soup for breakfast. 

Another reason for this clean out is that I want to start over with the pantry.  A pantry makeover of such.  Get rid of the saltine crackers and can food and move more towards the fresh foods.  I think it could be fun.

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