Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ding Dong Dan/Don is Gone

Biggest Loser review:  Here goes (tell me how you really feel moment!)

Dan/Don (whoever you are) I have 5 words for you.  Quitter Quitter Quitter Quitter Quitter.

OH it really pisses me off when they throw the weigh in to go home and that is all the black team has done this season.  Just LEAVE!  Your making a mockery of the show.  What ever happened to the competitive nature of people.  Now we are all so concerned about being friends that they have lost the fight that used to be so amazing about this show.  I'm not asking that each episode someone stab someone in the back, but just show that you want to be the best and not all "love each other do the best thing."  I keep thinking the purple team has the fight in them...maybe the green team, aqua is all butterflies and sunshine.

Then we move on to the blue team.  Could you please just try?  They have spent the last 2 weeks having their butts saved by the black team that just wanted to go home.  Could you just act like you want to be there?

All that was the first hour

New Trainers:  Love them.  I loved that circuit workout that they put their contestants through at the ranch.  Get ready late night workout buddy cause I am stealing some of those exercises.  I was impressed with them and cant wait to do a little more research on them.

The weigh in was so nice.  They all lost weight, no black team to mess everything up.  The blue team decided that they actually wanted to lose weight.  And lots of big mile stones met.  That was a great weigh in.

I wanted them to vote off the Q but I knew they never would, remember sunshine and butterflies, but he is a huge threat to them and that was pretty stupid to keep him there.  Rulon is my fave of the new ones that came back but I am liking Moses and the grey team as well. 

One final thing that has nothing to do with the show but really has to be addressed.  Why are Allison Sweeney's clothes so tight?  One size bigger would look so much better.  She is so pretty but her clothes are so tight I can see her DNA!  I told y'all I was on my soap box today!

Good episode, not the best ever, but cant wait for next week.

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Melissa said...

Totally agree with you about the Aqua Team! The love affair that everyone on the show has with Courtney just gets on my nerves!!!!! Am I the only one who fees this way?

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