Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fitness Ridge

For all of my Biggest Loser freakazoids out there I just have to share.  I have tried to enter that Sweepstakes they have advertised on the show for weeks and it would not let me...and finally....I got through and was able to register.  The grand prize One week at Fitness Ridge Malibu!!!!

After over a week of it not not being able to register I went to their website to see how much it cost and what all they offered.  I looked it over and it seems like a really cool vacation/workout facility.  So I have to ask....Has anyone out there gone to Fitness Ridge?!?!?  And what did you think about it?

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LisaF said...

I know this is way late but i just found your blog - i went to fitness ridge in Utah and it was hard! but it was really good too - 6 hours a day of working out (2 hiking and 4 in classes or the pool) I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks and have since lost about 20 more. I've been thinking about going again at some point, maybe to the Malibu one.

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