Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Days, No Sunshine

Today has been a really good day.  For the first time in what seems like weeks I woke up and did not feel like a fat cow.  It finally seems like some of this hard work is finally paying off.  I made it to the gym this morning for my swim before the weather turned sour and the tornado warnings were in place.  I just barely made it before they cleared out the pool.

After my swim I decided to get ready for work at the gym which means the clothes were packed and there was no changing my mind about what to wear.  I packed a form fitted sweater and was a little bit nervous that it would be too tight and the horizontal stripes might be stretched to their limit.  To my surprise the shirt slid right on and didn't look like a table cloth covering the Rockie Mountains.

 All of my shirts have looked about 3 sizes to small for the last 2 weeks and today is slid right on, not to grabby!  Whew...progress.

This really just jump started my day in a really good direction.  Finally results...I just had to talk with myself and not stress about my weight.  I have been so worried about my 1 pound here and 2 pounds there that I could not see the bigger picture.  I fixed my food for the week and planned my workouts and just decided that what I did would just have to be enough.  And lookie what happened, my attitude changed for the better and I could tell this morning in my clothes and my workout.  Stress is EVIL! 

Now after a day of solid eating, no cheating, I am ready for my next workout.  I have been doing some reading on High Intensity Interval Training and I want to give it a go.  One of the classes at the gym goes by this philosophy but I am not sure that I can do her workout yet with my knee.  I am still not able to jump!  I am going to go to the class tomorrow and give it a try, if I cant do it Ill go do something else but I can at least attempt it! 

I have another full day tomorrow but I will get on here and let you know how my high intensity intervals go tonight.

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