Friday, February 11, 2011

I Can't Jump, But I Can Hop

Oh oh of my favorite blog hops of the week and I get to participate.  I love Kelly's Korner blog hop "Show Us Your Life" but I don't get to play as much as I would like, but today is right up my alley.

 My dressing table, all three of my tips are all sitting on this one table.

Today's topic is Beauty Secrets.

1.  My hair.  I like to do crazy different things with my hair.  It is bleach blond right now and styled in a faux mohawk just in case you were wondering what I meant my crazy.  My number one rule for the hair is "I don't want the style if it takes more than 5 minutes to do and I have to be able to do it at the gym."  This is the unbreakable rule for me.  I don't have time or money to be waisting on my hair.  My secret to the drug store products.  If you check the label of Shampoo and Conditioner they have the same ingredients as the big expensive brands, number 1: Soap!  No need to get fancy.

About once a week I will use Infusium leave in conditioner.  Put in on dry hair until wet, cover with a towel, and let dry.  I leave it in all night long but a few hours would work too.  This helps with the damage and dryness from hours in the pool.

Then I style with drug store brands as well. 

I have yet to find a $15 bottle of hair spray that can do what this $2 bottle of Suave can do.  The orange tin is palmaid:  You find it in the ethnic hair section and its less than $3.

2.  Skin Care:  I tried everything, absolutely everything to keep my skin clean.  My sister finally talked me into Proactiv and now I'm hooked.  I never knew how much a difference it would make.  My secret for face care is this....wash your face first with a gentle cleaner to remove make up and dirt, then use the Proactive system.  Once I started doing this I noticed my face was much clearer.  I spend too much time at the gym with a sweaty face but I still want clear skin.

3. Makeup:  I love makeup, I like to play with it, put it on others and myself.  Give me colors and sparkles, who cares that I am 27 years old, makeup is still a fun little toy.  I don't want to look natural, I want to look better with makeup.  If I wanted to look natural I would not put makeup on at all.

tip:  Powder eyeliner.  I have been using eyeshadow for liner for about 10 years now and no one has shown me a better product to sway me back.  With powder all you need is a brush.  You can dampen the brush or not (depends on how thick you want the line and press it right into the lash line.)  It can be put on thick or thin and if you mess up it wipes off with a finger tip without smearing all the make up around it.  It is also not heavy on the lashes.  Love it!

I cant wait to get out here and see what other suggestions you guys have for me.


Sasha said...

I want to see a pic of your hair! Sounds sassy! Congrats on your weight loss journey- you are doing great!

Emily said...

this is the last link where the hair was actually fixed. I need to post more pictures now that I look at it.

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