Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ill Let You Be the Judge

I love getting emails from readers out there and I just got an interesting story sent to me about Rulon on the Biggest Loser.

photo from Fox

This article strikes me as a little bit weird, strange, but I dont really have that much of an issue with it.  Do I wish he would stop selling a huge burger and focus on a healthy menu, yes, but this resturant is established already, can that change really be made now?  And do we expect the Aqua team to stop selling ice cream and French Fries at their Dairy Queen because they are on the show? 

Just a little food for thought today...let me know what you think.


Langdowns said...

Hmm. Good question. I've got no answer. But you have reminded me I need to start tuning into the new season of Biggest Loser Australia.

Emily said...

You know I watch the Biggest Loser Aus on YouTube here in the states. I have no idea...what season you all are on now?

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