Monday, February 14, 2011

Like Tunnel Vision

Well the 100% focus is on today.  Although I was late to the gym this morning I did get there and get a really good workout.  A thousand laps maybe 1,001 in the pool.  I actually broke my workout into sections this morning in the pool to make it a little more challenging.  First 400 regular laps, second 400 flippers and paddles (works the shoulders really well) last 400 sprinting laps, with flip turns and all, no big breaths just swimming hard.


I got done with my workout and headed off to work.  I had to plan my food today around
 this "Holiday."  I had a lunch date with my Valentine and knew nothing about what I was going to eat was healthy so I ate a nutritious breakfast and packed a small dinner, so most of my daily caloric intake could be lunch.  My lunch date was wonderful, I got 45 whole minutes to myself with my 12 year old nephew.  Best Valentine ever!

Now its back to work getting ready for my late night workout and trying to stay away from all the little chocolate candies that are sitting around everywhere.


Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Wow you're on fire with the swimming! Question? are you training for a Tri or something? I'm looking into getting some swimming in but I'm afraid of it a little cause I suck! lol any tips?

Emily said...

I would love to do a tri...its actually on my list this year, but right now its one of the few workout I can do that really gets my heart rate up. I have always been a pretty good swimmer but just doing it a lot more now because its no impact.

Tip: Ohhhh, just get in and swim. Take it slow at first but push to go little bit faster each day. There are lots of fun little tool you can use in the pool like flippers and paddles but they are not necessary. Its one of the easiest workouts to get ready for...all you really need is a bathing suit and goggles. The more you swim the easier it gets and to top it off its a full body workout!

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

Thanks for the info, I'm def gonna try it!!! A tri is something I def want to complete by the end of the year (a mini one actually) and I think I should get started with that swimming now rather than later. Thanks!:) Keep up the great work.

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