Friday, February 4, 2011

Sore is Not a STRONG Enough Word

I told y'all I was going to be sore after my arms only workout yesterday, but even I didn't anticipate what was in store for me.  Wow!  When I lift my arm to scratch my eye, pain, when I roll over in my bed, pain, when I put my arms down by my sides, pain.  That just tells me I have not been doing enough weights on my upper body. 

Tonight we move on to abs.  I am going to treat them the same way as them to exhaustion!!!  I figure since I cant get in the kinda cardio I want lets build some major muscle that will burn more fat in the future.  And the fact that I hurt is kinda nice.  I like knowing that I went so hard that my muscles just ache even when they are not engaged.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to hurt, but I know when I hurt that I accomplished something.

And while I am tooting my own horn here (I cant pat myself on the back my arms are too sore for that) let me just say how good I have done on my food today.  Mostly protein, kinda yuck, but no cheating.  The only carbs that really made it into the diet today was the milk I use to mix my protein shake.  I don't know that I could ever fully give up carbs.  The first two days of just cutting them back nearly killed me.  It made me tired and weak and kinda grouchy (please don't comment on that.)

I will get to my workout in about 45 minutes and I am ready for it, I'm kinda getting that twitchy "I haven't done anything today" feeling and I am ready to workout.  I'm still trying to think of ways to raise my heart rate without being able to use my legs....???????????

While I'm on the subject, the knee is healing quite nicely.  Most of the swelling has gone down and I am walking with little to no pain at all.  When it doesn't hurt at all are kinda the most dumbfounding.  I feel like I can do my regular workout but I know that I am not supposed to...

Crazy ab building workout in 45 minutes with a serious arm stretching party to follow. 

By the way if anyone can think of ways to raise the heart rate I am all game. Next week I will be able to swim so I will get some cardio but right now I still cannot submerge in water for any period of time longer than a shower.  Just let me know.

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