Monday, February 21, 2011

To Workout or Not to Workout....That is the Question?!?!??!??!?!

I have a conundrum today. I have been the best little dieter ever today. I have eaten good foods, and not to much of them. I made it to the gym this morning for my swim and I noticed that my stomach was a little bit sore. Not to bad to workout but just not feeling 100%. I have spent the weekend helping move so I just assume that I have a pulled muscle or something. I got done swimming and then changed to go to work. I rarely shower and get ready for the day at the gym but sometimes I just don’t want to go back home and change.

I went to work and noticed that my belly was still a little bit tender. At this point I started to wonder if maybe just maybe I have a hernia from picking up heavy stuff from over the weekend. There was really no time that I remember my abdomen hurting bad enough for a muscle to be pulled. Then after pondering it for a while I got online...worst decision ever! I know now why doctors don’t want patients to go online and self diagnose...because I have everything in the world wrong now. I have acute appendicitis, a hernia, and a twisted ovary. Logically I think it’s a pulled muscle, but man the internet will really screw with you head.

I finally told my sisters that I was having some abdominal pain and Sister 2 kept telling me if I run a fever or puke that I have to go to the hospital. Well, I can’t go to the hospital because after swimming this morning I realized that I was missing one very important article of clothing (the one your mom says never leave home without) and I’m not going to the hospital like that!!!!

So the injury feels a little better as the afternoon goes on and again I think it’s a pulled muscle again (I turned off the computer.) I really want to workout tonight but I don’t know if it is safe to workout with my stomach hurting cause after all, it could be something more....what is a FatGirl to do?

Since I’m on the injury front I will just go ahead and share my other injury with you too. My mega stupid has nothing to do with a workout but funny none the less. This weekend I learned how to shoot a compound bow. I am not a hunter, nor do I aspire to be one, but I like to shoot things and this was new and looked cool. Word to the wise, if they make a protective pad for a particular weapon, you should probably wear it because they made it for a reason.

When you shoot a bow the little cord comes back and pops your arm and if it pops it enough times it creates a wicked little bruise and broken blood vessels.


I had a great weekend but now I am apparently paying for it.

I highly doubt that I will workout tonight and hopefully everything will feel much better tomorrow and I can really kill it at the gym.  Ill let you know how it is tomorrow!


Regina said...

Lol)..that's funny..I understand where your coming from. I don't care for doctors but going on-line can make you a little paranoid. Its been over ten years since I used a compound bow and loved archery in high sympathy!
Anyway, I'm working on a home routine (with DVD's) and give you credit for the gym! Best wishes to you~

Anonymous said...

LOL! I have experienced that arm problem too! I also have to have the chest protector (imagine those bruises elsewhere on your body!)

Emily said...

Regina- it was fun shooting the bow, I know why people like it so much now...and why they wear an arm guard. Good luck with you DVD collection. I love my gym time and have made so many friends since going.

And Queen Mommy, if they hurt as bad on other parts as they do the forearm I don't ever want to shoot one again. How do you get bruised on your chest?

Anonymous said...

I was shooting a long bow with my then bf (hubby now). We were in the barn at his parents house. Since you have a long draw on them you need to be careful of arm placement and I guess chest too (although I didn't bruise that bad, but man it hurt!)

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