Sunday, February 27, 2011

Up Late, Long Weekend

After a long, sleep deprived weekend, I am up late yet again, but actually rested.  I got to take a long nap today and I feel so much better. 

This whole weekend I have run like a crazy person.  Between work and family things I was booked non-stop.  I actually skipped a ballgame this weekend so that I could catch a 30 minute nap just so I could keep moving.  Basically since Thursday night it has been lots of little naps and not really a full nights sleep.

Right now I am cooking my meals for the week.  My operation "Eat all the food in my pantry" is almost over.  I am cooking a chili tonight to get rid of the last of the canned beans and all I will have left is cereal.  Cooking chili is a break from the baking this weekend.  I really enjoy cooking and this weekend the baking bug bit me hard.  I made one cake for my niece and decorated another one for my nephews birthday.  If I make them for other people then I get the zen of making the cake and I cant eat it because its obvious if you cut a slice out of a decorated cake.  I really wanted to eat them but I am trying to do better.  I have spent the last week hungry.  I have to ask myself if I am really hungry or if I am just bored!  Every breath I take I think of that one thing that would just be perfect.  Basically I want to eat an entire box of Fruit Loops and a bag of Muncho potato chips!  I am not giving in but the urge is hard to fight.

Ok away from food because I am making myself hungry just talking about it.  Workouts...this weekend I got some time at the gym.  Not as much as I needed but I did manage to make it there.  I got a new bathing suit this weekend.  This is like the 30th bathing suit I have purchased trying to find one that fits and also keeps my fat from squishing out all over the place and stays up at the top so while I'm swimming my boobs don't fall out the side.  Apparently swimmers are firm people as a whole because my fluffy body seems to fall out of the side of my swimsuit.  I think the one I got today is going to do the trick.  I skipped the standard Speedo section for the full coverage, 80 year old modest bathing suit that keep my flank steak from falling out the back.  It fits so much better than the others I have.  I think the people at the gym will be happy that I finally have a bathing suit that is not tread bare.

I am really starting to get the running itch.  Every time this weekend that I have closed my eyes to sleep I have dreamed about running.  I dream about training runs with my running buddy and I dream about races.  My poor running watch is getting so lonely.

Every time I walk past the watch I have a small tear run down my cheek.

I hopefully only have one more week until I can attempt to run.  I must admit that tonight while I was at the gym I just needed to see if I could still run.  I am not allowed to run yet...but once I was finished with my workout I turned on the treadmill to speed and stepped on for 10 seconds to see if I could still do it.  I ran for less than 10 seconds and it felt ok.  A touch of pain in my knee and my gait was just a bit off...hopefully we can get all that worked out before my next race.

I'm already pumped for my workout in the morning (with my new swimsuit) and the chili I get to eat for lunch.  See ya tomorrow.

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