Friday, February 18, 2011

A Whole New Meaning to the Word Busy

Wow!  That's the best word to describe my last couple of days.  They have been jam packed full of stuff to do.  I'm talking about leave the house at 8am and get home after mid-night wow!  Sorry for not posting yesterday, I tried to get on but I was babysitting and there was no Internet.  Once I got home I just went to bed!

Yesterday I did get in a great workout after work, now I got to the gym after 8 o'clock which is later than I really like to workout (other than the nights I work) but I had to do it at some point that day.  It was nice because there was nobody at the gym so no waiting for machines and a lot less chit chat.  I got on my elliptical machine and ran till I couldn't run anymore.  I worked it for 45 minutes, 3.5 miles, sweating like a pig. 

I was going to lift tonight and get a little bit of cardio but now I only have to do cardio.  I helped my sister move this morning and picked up more heavy stuff than I do at the gym.  I arms will be sore tomorrow from the amount that I lifted this morning.  And it wasn't just lifting for an hour of was 4 hours of just holding heavy stuff, really really heavy stuff.  So tonight I get to spend less time at the gym and more time in bed.

I am officially training for my next half on the elliptical until I can get back on the road.  Tonight instead of pumping up the resistance I'm turning down the resistance and going for mileage.  I have not traveled more than 3 miles in the last few weeks and I will never be ready for my half if I don't get some distance.

I am hoping for a less busy weekend so maybe I will be able to post something.  Check back!

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