Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wiggle Wiggle

I'm on my way right now for the next episode in my upper body arm workout and I don't know exactly how I am going to pick up a 25 pound barbell over my head when I have to use one arm to assist the other to scratch the top of my head. (No joke)

I'm working til exhaustion again tonight both arms and abs.  I got a good ab workout in last night but it was not to exhaustion because I'm really not sore so we work them again tonight.  I'm going to try to hook my feet in that machine that hands you at a decline and see how many I can do.  I am pushing for 100 but I would be totally happy with 50.  Maybe I can break it into 2 sets.

My food today has not been as good as yesterday but not bad either.  I made a mistake this morning.  I had a prepackaged protein shake (Special K) and was kinda running late so I grabbed it instead of making my regular shake.  When I picked it up to drink it I noticed the nutrition facts...29 carbs in this so called protein shake.  Well I threw it in the garbage and ate food for breakfast.  If I have to eat 29 carbs I might as well enjoy them!  I went and bought a new kind today and double checked the carbs in it, one of the prepackaged ones for when I am in a hurry. 

Just beware of that when you choose a protein shake.

Wish me luck on my weights tonight and just say a little prayer that I don't drop a huge barbell on my head.


Slevin said...

What type of protein shakes did you end up buying?

Emily said...

I bought the Adkins brand. The one I drink on a regular basis is a Whey protein shake and I have the GenSoy protein powder that I can mix with other drinks. I dont usually get Adkins products but this one is for the road when I dont have time to blend in the morning. I will drink one tomorrow and let you know how it is.

Emily said...

Ok, not the best shake but not the worst. Its a little bit thinker than I would like but I can get it down. Im gonna try the chocolate next.

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