Sunday, February 27, 2011

Workout Fashion

This weekend while at the store I caught a glimpse of the magazine stand right at the checkout.  I saw the cover of Ok! magazine and got so tickled that I actually laughed out loud while standing in line.  The guy in line in front of me started to squeeze closer to the person in front of him trying to move away from the crazy girl who was laughing and then took out her phone to take a picture of a magazine.  :)

I know its really not that funny to see the picture and I am so happy that Kendra was able to Lose 10 pounds in 2 Weeks. (I think I found her 10 pounds by the way) The reason I got so cracked up is because I had Life Flash Before My Eyes Moment but mine was more of a Blog Flash Before My Eyes.  Nobody looks like that while working out. The following is a collection of all the pictures that I have posted and in none of them do I look like that.  When I am working out you get the fro hair, makeup running all over the place, sweaty, smelly mess....not that!   

She looks so pretty while on her "run." Why not just do a photo shoot in a bathing suit and show off you new rockin body instead of pretending like you are running. Really?!?!?!  It was too much for me!


Kelty said...

LOL, very true! I think it's just to emphasize that she did it through exercise and not in a doctor's office. :D

Bethanny said...

You look just as pretty when u work out!

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