Wednesday, March 30, 2011

By the Way

My spell checker has broken just like my hip so please disregard the spelling in the following post. 

I am a horrible speller and every time I spell check anything the little screen pops up and usually laughs out loud!

Off To the Races

Yesterday was the first day in over a week that I have gotten in my normal routine and I actually did more than I had planned on doing. I swam with my swim buddy like I do every Tuesday. I cancelled on her last week last minute and I was a bit worried that when I went yesterday she wouldn’t understand why I had to cancel so abruptly, but I got worked up over nothing. She was really sweet and had a few questions but all and all we had a really great workout. Then instead of hanging out and swimming laps in the pool like I normally do I went out with my No Boundaries group and got in a 2 mile run before the 5 o'clock class.

We had our group meeting on Monday and it went so good. I am excited to see these people enjoy the run rather than dreading it. They are starting to make friends and they want to come. Really....they want to come run....when this started they were pretty sure I was torturing them for the fun of it. Now they love it. I just knew that would happen.

So we did the 2 miler and then off to HIITS class. My niece was running with the group and then went off to class with me. I am doing much better in a group than I do in solo situations.

Then at class last night the teacher wasn’t feeling well and said it might be a little bit easier than normal....SHE LIES! About halfway through I asked my niece why in the world did we think her class was a good idea and if we should leave. We didn’t but it was a really good idea at that particular time.

It was about 20 minutes after class that I could tell that it had been over a week since I had gotten a good workout because my hip blew out. I think that is the correct medical term, blew out. It was not attached to my body anymore. I looked like a little old woman hobbling around. I even put on IcyHot to ease the pain. If I had only had a floral perfume I could have completed the look.

This morning I woke early and finished my group fitness class at the gym. I filled in for 2 whole classes while another instructor was out. I really had a good time doing it. I wasn’t expecting to like getting up and teaching but it was a fun group. After class this morning I went home and crashed. I hit the bed so hard I thought I might have whiplash. Although the pain in my neck really helped ease the discomfort in my hip. Who knew????

I obviously needed the sleep since I was asleep before my head actually hit the pillow.

I have a late night workout tonight and since I got a power nap today I’m hoping it will be a little more productive than the 25 minute walk on Monday night :)

I hope to get back on tomorrow night. I have 2 weeks of Biggest Loser to watch and I hope what I missed was so good that I will have to post about it. Don’t tell me what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming up this weekend I have the 2nd Annual Oak Barrel Half Marathon...and I am sooooooooo not ready. Having knee surgery took the hope of beating my time by an hour out of the question. Then the fact that last week I didn’t run at all, much less get in a long run, slowed my training down even more. I will still be running the Oak Barrel but probably not as fast as I hoped. I still hope to better my time from last year but I don’t think I will beat my time from the November Half. I’m really just wanting to finish it at this point.

Maybe one more run this week but then 13.1 on Saturday. It makes me chuckle a little bit every time I think about running this weekend.

Have a good night peeps....I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Normal

Well I am slowly getting back into the swing of things here in my world.  This week it was back to work and back to the gym.  Its just all of these things with so much more on top.

I really do want to workout but I have been trying to go at times that are not normal for me because I get caught up talking and then cannot get a workout in.  I really feel uncomfortable at the gym. (No true:  I am uncomfortable in public)  I made one lady cry just by walking in the door and I can clear a room with no trouble.  Today is actually the first time since Monday of last week that I will go and workout on my regular schedule. 

Everything is a little more challenging at this very moment.  I wasn't expecting Tuesday to happen the way it did, obviously, and it has turned everything upside down.  I still feel like I am floating a little bit.  I promise I will try not to talk about my mom constantly but right at this very moment that is what is on my mind. There is stuff to get done!

I have missed so much blogging every night.  I come here and vent and talk about my day.  I am not trying to avoid y'all, I promise, I have been without Internet  for over a week now.   And other than my mother's funeral I have not done much else. I will post every chance I get but I just don't know when that will be over the next week or so. 

Thanks so much for your kind words during this time and I hope things will be back to a "new" normal soon.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I have listened to my sister my entire life.  They were way more into this blogging thing than I ever was and one of their biggest complaints was they would follow someone, maybe a sick child, and when something happened in their lives major, for example the death of that child it was never told.  All of a sudden the blog halted and no one ever posted again.

For that reason, I would like to apologize for not posting the last few days.  On Tuesday afternoon my mother passed away.  I did not have the heart of the ability to post until now.

My mother was a wonderful woman.  She was quite possibly one of my bestest buds.  My mom and I were very close.  Her health had been poor for the last couple of years and some of my favorite times were going to doctors appointments because we got to spend 3 hours together, just the two of us, and eat lunch at our favorite restaurant.  We made a day of it and had a good time doing something that was really not a fun thing.

I am heartbroken but I will continue to blog.  My mother loved my blog even though she had NO idea what it really was.  She did not really embrace technology!  She would listen to me talk about it for hours about how many hits I got that day or how many followers I had.

My mom supported me in everything I did.

She will be greatly missed!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weight Loss TV

As many of you may have figured out I love weight loss shows on television.  I am inspired by them and I love to see people when they have made the commitment to lose weight.  Right now I am watching 3 different shows. 

Biggest Loser:  Does it get any better than this show?  I love the contest part of this show.  I like to see people do whatever they have to do to achieve the weight loss that is necessary for them.

Heavy:  One of the thing about this show is the fact that there is no game play involved.  They take morbidly obese people and take them to "Fat Camp" for 6 months and teach them about food, exercise and focus on the personal reasons they gained all their weight.

This show I have to watch online because I don't get this channel.

Shedding for the Wedding:  This is my guilty pleasure.  Its a contest to win their dream wedding so not only are they trying to lose weight but also trying to plan a wedding at the same time.  These people are a little less focused on weight loss but still very entertaining.

I also have to watch this one online when I can because I am at work when it comes on.

I have one massive complaint with all of these shows.  As fun as it is to watch people lose extraordinary amounts of weight, how realistic is it.  They are removed from their everyday lives for months at a time.  Heavy is 6 months long...who can leave the real world for 6 months?  I know it is to save their lives and in extreme cases may be necessary, but I would love to see a show about weight loss where they follow around adults that could not leave there 2 jobs, spouse, and kids.  People who have house payments that must be made and cannot bet on a grand prize of $250,000 when they finally reach their goal weight.  I want one where people are successful in their weight loss while still living a regular normal life. 

They probably cant do it because it take more than 3 months to do when there are more distractions but I think more people might be inspired by the woman who loses 130 pounds in real life than the guy who loses 240 lbs in a closed environment.

What do you think?

The Steps Kicked My Butt

When I woke up this morning I was trying to figure out why in the world I was unable to move my body.  I was sore from head to toe and just knew there was no way that the running yesterday made me so sore....then it hit me.  I ran steps yesterday.  I have not really run them since before knee surgery.  My calves and my thighs are just burning with ever step and every seat.

My arms, shoulders and back are also sore.  I know that is from the boxing.  I get sore every single time we box but last night was incredibly physical workout so I expected the top half to hurt.  My workout buddy nearly hit me in the face last night which was a really close call and then she did hit me.  Granted it was only in the arm but it hurt and I have a bruise now!  When you put them both together it makes me want to lay down and go back to bed.

I work with one of the girls in my NoBo group and she told me she was sore today.  When I informed her that I was sore too she smiled and told me that made her feel a lot better!  So mean! 

I also have to do a little bit of bragging on my late night workout buddy.  She is also in the NoBo group.  She runs with me some times late at night but we mostly do sprints, hardly ever, if ever, do we just run.  Well, last night she told me that she ran the entire mile.  Yeah!!!!

Aside from the aching pain throughout my body I am still really jazzed up about our new running group.  I have lots of dread about steps tomorrow morning but just cant wait to get out there and do it again.

Nutrition:  My food the last couple of days has been really good food mixed with one poorly chosen meal most every day.  I have found some great new breakfast options, then I pack my lunch and I usually back slid on dinner.  I have already decided what is for dinner tonight and I am looking forward to it and I really want it to be good. 

I found an organic pizza at the grocery store.  I must admit...I am a fan of the frozen pizza but this one is organic ingredients, quality food, and hopefully delicious.  I haven't eaten pizza since Lent began because that would technically be considered fast food. 

I know you are wondering what my new breakfast options are.  Let me tell you.  My new favorite is 2 whole wheat waffles, (kashi is a good brand) with almond butter between them.  You can add a banana if you like, I prefer to just eat my banana separately, with a little bit of honey drizzled on top.  By not using syrup and using honey instead it saves almost 130 calories, and is still very delicious and sweet.  This one has become my new favorite.

I also found a new cereal that I actually like.  Some of the whole bran, flax business taste like cardboard, but this is Newman's Own Honey Bran Flax Flakes (or something like that) and they also have a Cinnamon variety that I have not tried yet.  It is really good.  I ate a bowl last night when I got off work late and just enjoyed every bite, I even drank the milk out of the bottom of the bowl.

I have been on the hunt for breakfast options so that were not eggs so that I could eat my eggs for dinner, and not oatmeal because in my twisted little mind you can only eat oatmeal in the winter, and these two are both really tasty and good for you. 

If I find anymore yummy options I will let you know about them.  Now its on to more creative things for lunch.  I love my chicken pita but after so many days I need a little variety.  If you have any suggestions that are NOT salad please let me know.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Our first meeting tonight with our No Boundaries went great.  I couldn't believe we had such a great turn out.  (Sorry we had more than you Jane! Ha Ha!)  This is a really run program and I am just blessed to get to be a part of it. 

Tonight the whole thing was a small 5 minute talk and then a one mile run.  I think what I like so much about this program is that is does not take up your entire life.  One day a week we meet as a group and the rest is a personal responsibility (homework) thing. 

While running our mile tonight we ended up creating several different groups, not intentionally, just based on performance level.  The runners were all out front and then the walk/runners were grouped up in several smaller groups. 

I was in charge of the intervals tonight, which....I screwed up.  I had the interval times right just not the run/walk part.  Instead of running one minute and walking two we ran two walked one.  And I think it was the best mistake I ever made.  The interval runners were going to run one and the majority of them were able to run the full 2 minutes.  The mistake was made but instead of quitting they rose to the challenge and were able to do it.

I was so proud of our group and cant wait to do it again. 

I am actually on cloud 9 right now.  I don't normally run this late in the evening, I'm a morning girl.  When I run in the morning it pumps me up for the entire day...well guess what?  When I run in the afternoon it does the same thing.  I am a full of energy, fast talking, crazy person right now!  The fact that I am stuck in a chair is just killing me.  I am going to have to start pacing in a minute just to get some of this energy out. 

My workout buddy...also in the NoBo group is coming to workout tonight and we are going to hit (pun intended) it hard to night with some boxing but not to much cardio since we have both already run today.

Here's to an A-M-A-Zing day!

Just Began

Well the day is just getting started good and I have already run 4 miles!  I just love the way it feels to get the day started off right.  It was this morning that I realized that I missed all 6 weeks of the beautiful running weather.  It has just gotten hot.  I told my running buddy that she needs to get ready because as much as I complained about the cold I hate the hot that much more so just get ready.

But I do have to say this is the type of workout I have been looking for for a while now.  I was sweating and felt like I was really getting something accomplished. 

Our run this morning was a little bit weird.  We did the first mile on the steps, which I participated in, and then moved on to the road.  We had to mark the road for our first run tonight with No Boundaries so we had to stop about quarter mile and mark the road and stop at all the turns.  Once we finished the first mile we didn't have to mark anymore and just got to run.

I also realized today that I needed in an attempt to make Dave Ramsey proud I went to the gas station and bought a pair for $5.99.  Needless to say they are not very pretty but they have the little thing on the nose to keep them from sliding down my face when I get sweaty.  I actually bought a pair of glasses about a year ago that suck so I had to have a new pair.

Sooooooo pretty!

I have no more time to sit around, breakfast is down and time to head off to the office.  I hope to get back on tonight and let you know how our first No Boundaries group run goes! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blogger MIA

I'm have not intentionally been missing this weekend...I have just been outside.  This weekend I have only gotten one workout in the gym and the rest of my calorie burn has been outside.  I spent all day Saturday working in my back yard.  There was a huge pile of leaves and a tree that was out of control.  Its been driving me crazy for months now but I thought since we finally had beautiful weather it was time to get out into the yard and get going.

Before:  I just scooped up the children along with the leaves.

After:  Still a small pile of leaves that need to be moved but there are tons of sticks in there so I have to get those out first.  And the bush is gone...well its still there but much smaller. 

BTW:  I realized the bush that I have hated for months and months now and finally chopped down is not actually on my property, so I officially cut down my neighbors tree.  Is he would just cut it back I wouldn't have to cut it down.

I worked forever on Saturday in my yard and I know all the tugging, pulling, and mowing had to burn plenty of calories. Then it was off to a birthday party.

I was going to finish up the yard this afternoon but I was more tired than I was motivated to work so I took my usual Sunday afternoon nap.  No work outside today....wrong!  I actually ended up helping one of my sisters cut down a tree in her yard. 

So basically I have spent the weekend getting nasty working in the yard and smelling like a goat and then wanting and dreading the shower because it burns all my nicks and cuts on my legs and arms.

I wanted to get on here tonight because I don't know when tomorrow I will get to post.  My week this week is less crazy than last week but still full. 

And I am so excited because our No Boundaries program starts tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!  I hope it is as fun I am expecting it to be. 

Have a good night!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness Makes Me Happy!

It's officially on...and I am one happy little blogger.

I am rooting for my Belmont Bruins BIG TIME and hope to see an amazing upset, especially since my bracket already went to crap in the first round.

I'm not going to blog everyday and update you on the tourney, but if I just might get carried away with my Bruins and my other TN teams.

And thank you CBS for playing all these games online...for those of us who don't have cable TV because we are too cheap to pay for it!

Goal Accomplished

Last nights workout was pretty tough.  So tough that I am sore today.  Its a good sore today and not that cant move sore, but hurting none the less.  We did a circuit last night with some new exercises and some old faithful exercises as well.  One new exercise that we did last night was taking a barbell and holding it over head, then dropping it down from shoulder to shoulder.  That is what has made me sore. 

When we got done with our circuit I had to lay on the ground for a few just to make sure I was not dying.  We went to walk just a bit before we left...we always walk to warm up and cool down.  Well, while we were walking around I wanted to show her a new bicep workout that I learned.  Remember I told you all about it.  We did one set, one set of 5, and my workout buddy yelled at me.  It hurt my feelers pretty bad but I put on my  tough skin and got over it.  My sweet, timid, quiet workout buddy yelled!

So this morning we had a short run scheduled.  Well wires got crossed (my running buddy lost her phone) so the run was shorter than we even planned but it was one of the best I have had in a while...pre-marathon good.  I figured since we had so little time we could at least run faster than normal.  We were under an 11 min pace which is really a lot faster for me. 

When I got to the gym this morning to run (that's our meeting place) it was about 50 degrees outside.  Beautiful weather to run in.  I had on a short sleeve shirt with a light weight fleece over it and a hat.  About half way through our run, all in an instant it became 114 degrees outside.  Luckily my running buddy can run with something tied around her waist because I started stripping off clothing as fast as I could get it off my body.  I thought I was having a heat stroke.  Once back at the gym I got the rest of my clothing off even faster than I thought was possible.

After the run I rushed off to work.  When I got there I was so fired up from my run my sentences were all really fast with lots of words in very short amounts of time.  Anyway, I have calmed down now but so ready to run again.  It felt so good this morning and with shorter distances my knee doesn't hurt hardly at all.

Next:  Tonight if I get a chance to workout it will have to be really late because I am booked up til about 8 o'clock.  I'm thinking about no nighttime workout tonight, instead take the excess 13 minutes of my time and going and getting a new cell phone and then killing it in the morning.

Oh, my cell phone has decided that it no longer wants to work; it freezes and will not hold a charge.  Do you think cell phone companies program a virus for 2 years exactly so that you have to get a new phone every 2 years whether you want it or not?  I am beginning to think they do.  I have been shopping all day and just thought I was going to get an iphone...I think I'm cool enough for an iphone, but after much shopping I may be going in another direction completely, maybe not as cool as I thought.  I really just want a phone that works!

I hope tomorrows run goes as well as today.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Good Was Biggest Loser Last Night?!?!?!

Now that was one of the best episodes I have seen in a really long time.  It made it so much more interesting when the game play aspect was removed and the focus was weight loss and weight loss only.

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

I was impressed with the workouts that they put in and was so happy that they showed more of the workouts and less of the gushy stuff.  The workout part is my favorite.  Not only was I inspired but I was writing down with pencil and paper some of the things they were doing so I could try them out for myself (and my workout buddy) tonight.

And as much as I didn't want to I really started to like Courtney's mom.  I still don't like Courtney all that much, ok, I really don't like her at all still, but her mom was a hard worker and really was inspiring to the other contestants.  I was sad to see her go but happy that she was willing to leave with class and dignity.  Yeah to her!!!

For the first time in a long time I didn't finish watching the episode angry at anyone.  They all worked so hard.  But is the Biggest Loser love bird in the air again.  Did anyone notice that Courtney and Brown Team Boy (I think his name is Austin) are spending lots of time together?  I smell a love connection!!!!!

Again, the Biggest Loser didn't disappointment!

More Biggest Loser News:

My friend that auditioned the same year that I did and made it to the final round of auditions has gone after it again...and by golly if she hasn't made it past the first round again.  This could really be her year.  I told her if she makes it that I need to be the person that comes and runs the marathon with her at the end. 

And...Biggest Loser people out there...I assume you are reading and obsessed with my blog like I am obsessed with your show (a Girl can dream right?)  I would really like a Biggest Loser t-shirt!  Please?

Messed Up From the Start

Well my whole day has already fallen into the weird category.

I did wake up early this morning to go run steps with my running buddies.  I was looking forward to it this morning for some reason...I don't look forward to many things that require me to wake up before 6am.  So I got up and got ready and they both cancelled on me this morning.  I know I could have gone by myself but I am not about to run up and down flights of steps all alone.  Not only would it take people hours to find me but it is Spring Break so I could sit at the bottom of a flight of steps for a week and no one would know.

So, I secretly cussed my running buddy and went back to bed.  I know I could have gone and done a number of things but I didn't!  So there.

I did end up seeing my running buddy after lunch today and bless her she looked tired so I let her have a pass.  The other girls kid was sick all night long so, whatever, I guess those are good excuses.  Erin and I decided to go run in the morning later than normal since I will be at work late tonight.  So now I'm not mad at all because I will get my run in after all, just a day late.  I'm just going to keep my cute little running outfit on the edge of the couch to wear tomorrow.  And no it is not a running skirt.

So now on this wonderful Wednesday I am only going to get one workout.  Usually Monday, Wed. and Friday are my big workout days and Tues and Thurs are a little more relaxed.  Im beginning to feel a little bit lazy with two relaxed days in a row.  I just guess tonights workout will have to be intense!!!!! 

Ill let you all know how it goes tonight...I will post even faster if my workout buddy cries!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Broken Promises

Call me a liar but I really did try to post  but yet again, it is 11pm and I am just now posting. 

I had another good day today.  I started off today in the pool.  I really didn't swim that much myself but after the pool I got to go to zumba.  The radio kept messing up during the class today but apparently it didn't do anything to the calorie burn because I was pouring sweat the entire time. 

Then tonight I was planning on going roller skating but I had the times wrong so I didn't get to go (sad face.)  Instead of skating I went to our first No Boundaries meeting.  Lets start with the good first.  We had a great turnout, better than I expected since we have the Cancer Society show going on right now and lots of people from my hometown are involved in this and it really takes the entire week.  We had lots show up for the first visit and get their packets.  We got lots of goodies.

Check this out:  I got a few more things because I am a coach.  For starters 2 tech shirts, one team one coach shirt, a water bottle, running hat and bag.  Then the guy who was going over shoes and insoles gave me a pair for free.  These are the ones I am currently wearing in my shoes, how great is that.  It's all New Balance stuff and I don't have anything NB yet so I am happy to give it a try.

Ok, then we get to this modeling running clothes.  As a coach we had to put on running clothes for the group and show them some different options.  I told the girl if she could find women's running clothes in my size then I would gladly wear them....hell I would buy them because apparently clothing companies think that only size 8 people run and they really don't make them for women in above a 16 and it is a really small tight 16.  So when I walked in she brought me a running skirt (no typo skirt) and a women's XL shirt.  The shirt was so tight that it barely covered my bellybutton, I took it straight off and hung it back up....not happening!  So we move on to the skirt, it fit, that was a bonus and I wasn't expecting it, but it was so short!  I am aware of what my body looks like, that is why I don't wear short stuff, my shorts come to the top of my knees because I am not comfortable in something that short.  Well everyone kept telling me it looked fine, code for:  you don't get anything else so wear it and shut up!  So I went out and found a men's XL shirt and wore the super short skirt and let everyone see how pretty it was.  The other coach got to wear the longer more appropriate length shorts....hello the big girl would have liked that.

Overall the meeting was a success, and the swag was great. (minus the shorty skirt thing)  I finally headed home about 8:30.  I was hungry and had not eaten before we went to the meeting.  I kept thinking I would just grab something on the way home.  As I started to decide what I was going to eat I realized that it was fast food that I gave up for Lent.  I am not Catholic but I thought it would be a good decision to give something up for lent....something real that would be an actual sacrifice.  So instead of stopping at a fast food joint we stopped at the grocery store so I could pick up something to eat for dinner. 

So my bags are packed for tomorrow, I ate dinner and now I am watching Biggest Loser and chowing down on some all natural Rainbow Sherbet.  Up early tomorrow to run some steps and maybe run on the road, but swim for sure.  Depend on how the leg feels if I run or not. 

The Excitement Continues

I just realized that I have 100 followers!  Thanks guys for following along.  You are a great inspiration and keep me accountable every single day.

I never thought anyone in the whole wide world would read my blog (except maybe sister #2), just a fat girl trying to lose weight, but this blog has grown to be my outlet, my therapist, my public adventure, and so much fun.  I look forward to writing it everyday and catching up on you all out there as well. 



This Has Kinda Been A Great Day

Ok, I'm kinda gitty right now.  I don't know if its because I just got done working out but I have had a fun day.  My day started off with a run.  I met the girls at the steps this morning and it was nice to get back to them.  I'm still trying to follow docs orders so I didn't run the steps but I did stand at the top of each flight and yell at the girls that were running them (nice yelling, you know the sweet kind of yelling.)  One of them threatened to puke....that brought a really big smile to my face!  They worked really hard at the steps and then we went out for a run.  This I got to participate in.  They had already worked their legs to death so I got to set the pace today. 

The first bit of joy came today when I got done running.  My knee didn't hurt.  After Friday's run I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to run without pain but today lifted my spirits.  I think Friday was just an overuse problem.  I had been on my feet the entire night before and was already tired so maybe that is why I was sore. 

So after my morning run it was off to work.  When I got to work I had an email in my inbox.  It was quite possibly the funniest thing I have read in my life.  I got so tickled that I was laughing out loud and had tears running down my cheeks.  One of the guys that I work with actually came into my office and asked if I was ok, then when he saw the tears he didn't know if I was laughing or crying and I was so torn up that I couldn't even explain to him what was so funny.  I cant post them email here but I will direct you to the website and give you a little preview.

The website is  It is auto correct gone horribly wrong.  I thought this was appropriate because it had to do with Zumba!

This site had made me smile all day long.  Every time I look at one I get a little more tickled than the time before. 

So, late night workout was boxing tonight.  I had a good time boxing and then my running buddy and I walked for a long time tonight.  We apparently had a lot of catching up to do. 

Other things that have made my day great.

1.  Karate Kid came on Instant Netflix.

2.  Sister #1 who had gastric gave me more clothes today and there was a new pair of spanks in the bag...that means my decision to change my Plastic Surgery fund (aka:  New Boobs fund) to my Road Bike fund a good decision.  Also, there are new clothes to go along with it.  Now not only do I have some pants that fit, and pants that squench my belly that require lunges first thing in the morning to be able to move, I also have others that are too small (right now) so I can lose some weight and still have something to wear.

3.  My No Boundaries group starts tomorrow!  I am getting really excited about this.

4.  I decided it was more important to get in bed and blog than it was to pack my stuff for tomorrow.  I am behind on sleep so I am sleeping tonight and I will pack my stuff up in the morning.  I would ask for my hour back but I am so far behind at this point that I cant even count even count that high.

5.  Yard Sale Hell is finally over.  I made $18 whole dollars and it was so not worth it fun to spend time with my sisters.
6.  I get to go roller skating tomorrow!  I do love roller skating.

Tomorrow I have Job #1, swim with swim buddy, Zumba, and No Boundaries, as well as roller skating with my babies at a church function.  I will try (really try) to post before midnight tomorrow but no promises....its a really full day.

I hope you had a great day today, if not I hope tomorrow is better.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Would Love to Explain

So much has happened in the last 2 days that I don't think I can even possibly tell you everything.  I woke up yesterday at 8am and I still have not been back to sleep since then.  For that I will go ahead and apologize because I think my last 48 hours have been hysterical but my judgement is severely compromised at this point.

Yard Sale!!!!!  My sisters (I'm not taking any credit for this one) decided that it was time to do another yard sale.  We had a yard sale 3 years ago that was massive and everyone promised that we would never ever have to do that again...they lied!  This whole week they have been working there butts off getting ready for the sale, selling 17 years worth of children's clothes before we sell all the junk that goes in the yard sale.  I helped when I could but I feel sorry for them, they have been doing this straight for days and days and days now.....

Ok, sorry, I got carried away.  So yesterday I picked up an extra shift at work but was able to go to the Core Power class before I had to be at work.  Only one workout!  I worked until 10pm and went straight over to the sale to help get stuff priced and organized for this morning.  Then the dreaded words that no one ever wants to hear, "We are going to be here all night!"  Dum Dum Dum!  I usually only hear that on Day After Thanksgiving. Then the obsessive planning started.  "Let's go home and take showers and get ready for the day."  It was 11pm, not the next day yet, but like the youngest that I am, I went home, showered up and even took my multi-vitamin like I was going to bed, but instead of bed I wrapped up in my redneck overall coveralls and went back out to stand in the freezing cold night and move heavy stuff around.

I already had plans to meet with my running buddy this morning and I was not about to cancel.  I left Yard Sale Hell just before 8 to meet her at the gym so we could finally get to run together.  This was my first real run in 6 weeks, I know I did the mile on the treadmill but running on the road is so much different.  Since this was my first day back and our No Boundaries program is fixing to start up we actually set off to get measurements for specific distances that we will have to run in our 10 week training program.  It was a nice run, a few more walk breaks than normal but able to do it none the less.  We were able to mark off several different courses.  I was sure after the cold night outside that I would never get warm again, but I didn't just get warm I got HOT.  H-O-T HOT.  My face is still burning.

After the run it was off to show property then back to YSH! 

Like always we ended up having a good time.  It was a good time until it became a GREAT time.  We had a few things for sale that were really stretching the limit of junk.  There was a broken big screen TV for $5 but if anyone would take it we would have given them a dollar (seriously.)  And the broken scooter and the broken washing machine.  Why all three of these things were not at the dump I do not know!  Some guy decided that he would take the TV.  The broken TV and he didn't charge us a dollar.  He was going to take it and try to sell it so he could come back and buy the broken washer.  The idea in itself was funny, but when we realized how he was fixing to transport it did the laughter start.

I took a little video of the loading of the TV but I cannot put it on here because of the shear volume of butt crack.  My sister in her exhausted state asked if she could take his picture...and he agreed.

The caption on this email reads, "Craziest shit I have ever seen!"  I couldn't have said it better myself.

I finally escaped the Yard Sale and headed off to Job #2.  Its a nice break to sit down for a while but the longer I sit in one place I become more and more aware of how tired I really am.  I am trying not to blink to long for fear that I will fall asleep right her at my desk.

My body is also adjusting to the impact workouts.  I didn't realize how it would feel after my 6 week sabbatical but my legs are sore and my knee is a little bit tender but I think overall I am holding together pretty well.  I could also be sore from standing up for the last 36 hours, maybe just maybe that could be the reason.

One more day of Yard Sale tomorrow.  And no more workouts tonight, just sleep, hopefully!?!?!?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Whole Freakin' Mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually got in 2 workouts today, both shorter workouts than normal but since I thought I was only going to get one it was nice to get there twice.

The idea was to get home from the Doc and go for a run with my workout buddy.  I have been dying to run with her for 6 weeks (literally) but I didn't get home in time to run before I had to get to my next thing.  She was very understanding...and we are going to try to go out and run on Friday. 

I was able to do Zumba on my lunch break and I was sweating within the first few minutes.  I don't know if it was hot in the room of if I was able to do it a little bit harder because I could jump and really get into it, but it was an intense workout!

Then once work was over I got about a 20 minute late night workout with my workout buddy.  It was short but bless her heart, she did one heck of a workout.  I didn't want to start out running with sprints so I just ran at a slow and steady pace while she did 30 second sprints.  Then after her sprints she did incline sprints.  I was a proud little workout buddy!

And while she was running sprints I ran 1.173 miles!  I was able to run the entire time with no pain.  It felt right...just like perfection!  I have compared it to everything great in the entire world, A-MAZING!   I don't have enough adjectives to describe it. 

I just wanted to let you know how it went today, since it was awesome, but I have no more chat time tonight.  I gotta get ready for tomorrow!  Night!

Thank You Dr. Knee Guy!!!!

I made it to the doctor in the gale force winds and sheets of rain this morning.  After a 1 and a half hour drive I spent less than 10 minutes in the doctors office total (wait and all) so that I could hear the most beautiful 3 words ever!!!!!  "You are RELEASED!"

After 6 weeks I finally get to run again.  He really wants me to cut back on the running and since he told me to cut back and not stop running all together we were able to come to a nice agreement on how much I could run.  He said one day a week, I countered with 4 and we settled on 2-3 depending on how the leg feels.

He said that if I ran too much that I would accelerate the arthritis in my knee leading to an early knee replacement and then, no running at all.  I will take the advice and hopefully I will be back to running in a few weeks, just less mileage.  He even said yes to the half marathon and we really didn't discuss the possibility of another full.  I really want to do one more but I need to wait and see how the knee feels with a mile before we start talking about 26.2.

He seemed pretty happy with the fact that I wanted to run some triathlons.  He said that was 2 non-impact exercises with one impact workout, so I think its time to focus in that direction. 

All in all I was very satisfied with my appointment today and ready to run now.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today And Biggest Loser

I would just like to let you know that I have started about 40 different posts today and have yet to finish one.  I started one this morning and all I could talk about was potato chips, I wanted them really bad today, but (small victory!!) I didn't get any. 

Then I was going to post about my workout tonight, but I wasn't exactly what that would involve so I hated to plan it before it happened.

I finally got home at about 8 pm and had not even started watching biggest loser so why not just wait til it was over and post about the entire day!

Let me just say that my week is packed out, so packed that I don't think I will get a two-a-day workout in for the rest of the week.  Friday is really my only hope and that is a long way away.  Today I took advantage of a little extra free time and got a killer workout at the gym. I didn't have anything scheduled for tonight so I recorded my show and stayed at the gym.  And with the beautiful weather outside there is no better place than inside the gym!

I went to the HIITS (High Intensity Interval Training) class again and like usual it was no disappointment.  I think she took an extra evil pill this morning.  I cant wait to be able to do this class at full speed, I just hope I can keep up!  I had some friends in class with me tonight so it made it even more fun than the last time.  Then it was off to weights.  I really have enjoyed getting my weights in more consistently than I have in the past few months.  Well, I'm glad I'm doing weights but my body hurts from it.  Tonight was mainly focused on the legs for 2 reasons.

1.  I did an extreme weights workout on Sunday and I am pretty sure my chest will never be the same.

2.  See #1!

After tonight's workout on the legs I may be saying the same thing about my hamstrings tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have my Doc appointment first thing and I hope everything looks good and I get released tomorrow.  If so I have an afternoon run planned already.  Because I have to leave so early tomorrow I have already packed my bag (2 sets of workout clothes in anticipation of a run) and food for the entire day, 2 meals and 3 snacks. 

I am finally sitting down and watching Biggest Loser.  It is almost over but I have to be up so early in the morning that I probably wont post about it until tomorrow.  But a little preview of tomorrows post, "WHY ARE ALLI'S CLOTHES SO TIGHT?"

Goodnight to you all, if you are in the area, enjoy the rain and sleep tight.

Where Did the Weekend Go?

You know you are off to a bad start when all day on Monday you cannot remember what day of the week it is.  All day long I have though it was Wednesday.   I have a long, very full week, and apparently my mind is already overwhelmed because I cant keep it all straight.

Today I never really got a full workout.  I got to spend about 25 minutes in the pool but did get a half a mile in.  I was running behind so I didn't even get to get in the hot tub when it was OVER!!!!  Oh, the insanity! 

When I got to job #2 it was just a regular day, but I realized that maybe just maybe I would be able to go to the Zumba class tonight.  The other girl working was ok with me taking my lunch at that time and I got to go.  I was a little bit nervous about it because the last time I got to do it it hurt too bad to keep going.  The first thing the teacher said to me when I walked in was "Don't get angry if you can't do it!" and pointed to my knee.  Well, I never had the opportunity to get mad because it didn't hurt.  I had to modify just a bit because I still am not allowed to jump but it was so nice to get back to Zumba.  I can tell I have been gone to long because I cant remember the dances I once knew and there are so many new ones that I don't know.  Its now a Zumba crash course to learn all the new dances.

After work was over I had one more workout to go.  It helped since my morning workout was cut so short.  Tonight was time to box!  The workout started pretty intense and then we tried some new moves, new combinations that we had never done before.  Some of them were so funny we laughed more than we worked.  Finally, we gave up on the boxing combinations and went to abs.  I only wish I had a video camera in the room.  My workout partner whined and complained because she had to do sit-ups and punch at the top.  The first one she did was OK, the second, not so much, the third forth and fifth were littered with ugly faces and the final ones the was just touching the glove to the mitt and not even trying.  When I called her out she gave me that kissy face talking under her breath, yea yea crap.  Again we got tickled. 

I was up next and my first one I came to the top, hit the mitts 4 times (just like she did) and I hear under her breath, "Show off!"  Here we go again with the laughs.  We actually got a really good workout, and our abs did double the work because we had to take giggle breaks.  It made for a intense and fun workout.

Now I am finally home and I have already packed up my lunch for tomorrow.  I put my lunch on the counter this morning before I left and it sat there all day long.  I cannot deal with another day of non-prepared food.  I struggled all day trying to figure out what I was going to eat.  I did pretty well but I did eat some french fries for dinner.  But my lunch is packed for tomorrow, my workout bag is ready to go.  Tomorrow I have the HIITS group class again and then weights.  There will only be one workout tomorrow so it will have to be a good one. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend On Track

Aside from not getting enough sleep I have had an amazing weekend.

I got to spend the majority of my weekend with my family. We have worked late nights getting ready for a yard sale and luckily they don’t mind that every single time I came to work I was sweaty and gross from working out.

On Friday night I got one great workout. It was full body weights and a spin workout. I have spent a lot of time online searching for spin routines since the only real cardio I am getting is bike and elliptical. Those 2 things are getting pretty boring so this was an attempt to spice things up. Well it was a success. I’m still working on the High Intensity Intervals and I can really tell a difference. We spun?? for 25 minutes and there was a pretty little pile of sweat surrounding my bike....that has to be good right?

I got to the gym again Saturday night and got to work out with my niece. I did elliptical and Hip Hop abs on Saturday night. She was tough doing sprints on the treadmill while I was doing the elliptical. I was upping the level every two minutes until I couldn’t move the pedals anymore and then would start over at level one. I have been doing this the last few times on the machine and it is really intense. It hurts at level 13 and when there are 2 more levels to go it’s almost impossible, and then it just starts all over again. I know what you’re thinking good workouts but how was the food.

My food has been right on target. I have completed Operation Eat All The Food Out of My Pantry and got to go grocery shopping tonight. I got many many proteins and veggies that I have to get cooked at some point so I can eat them this week. I only hope this week’s food goes as good as last week, maybe even better.

Then today my body was truly tired. I wanted to work out today because it was weights day again so I did just a little bit of cardio and mostly weights. I had to listen to my body and know that it was truly tired and needed a break. On this beautiful cheat day I enjoyed my food...maybe a bit too much. I accidentally got on the Easter candy isle at the store...oops!!!! So I ate an entire mini box of whoppers candy eggs, and they were really good! Ha Ha! I could at least enjoy them since I already ate them. Then I ate pizza for supper.

I think it’s only fair to say after that last sentence that I am starting to feel like I have things back together for the first time in 2 months. I have just been hanging on and I finally feel like the scales are going down again. My workouts are back to where they were before surgery, my food is on track, because the food is better I feel better, I feel in control, and my pants are fitting better. I wore a pair of blue jeans that were to small just a week ago and they felt great. They didn’t squench my belly off or anything. I just think that things are back to where they need to be.

I am ready to see some new results now. I have held between 230-240 for months now and I am happy that I haven’t gained up to 260 or anything like that but I just think it is time for some loss again. I have had this mental and physical block from 100 pounds. I want to hit that number, more than I can explain, but that is not the end of my journey, it is just another number.

I had another talk with myself on why I have not hit this number yet, I have flirted with it for months and months and months now and every time I get close I seem to sabotage myself....why? I want to keep losing weight but part of me is proud of what I can do at this size. I want people to know that just because they are overweight that doesn’t mean can’t do what everyone else can. I ran my marathon at 235 pounds, I proved it, now let’s see how well I can do it at 200 pounds....what do ya think? No more focusing on 100 pounds, it’s time to lose weight again, no more maintaining time for losing.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Perfect Family

I love to blog hop.  Back to Kelly's Korner today and it is a fun one.  Show us your Family.  I don't post many pictures of my family on my blog but here we go today.  This should be pretty fun.

As many of you know I have a huge family.  18 of us in all.  We are extremely close and do everything together.  I talk about them all the time because they are the best support system a FatGirl could ask for but I don't post pictures of them here goes.

The entire crew.  I have 3 sister, 3 bro-in-laws, and 9 nieces and nephews.  I would try to explain which ones belong to who, but how would I do that, "The blond one goes with Sister #2."  Really everyone is blond!

The sisters....Let's start with them.  Everyone has their roll.

Katie (Sister 1):  She is the oldest.  As I am the youngest I guess her biggest role is to spoil me rotten and thus far in life she has done a heck of a job at it.  When I was 8 I was unable to dress myself or do my hair because Katie did it for me every day.  To this day I know if I need something Katie will get it for me!

Liz (Sister 2):  She is the secretary.  She keeps the entire family organized.  She gives me various schedules for the kids events, makes sure I have bought my Christmas and birthday presents.  However, she never tells me when the school Christmas programs are so I am always 15 minutes late to them.

Maggie (Sister 3):  Maggie is the reason I ever knew what a blog was and even wanted to blog in the first place.  She is the one closest to my age so growing up we didn't really like each other.  Once we both went to college we started getting along really well....I guess time (and distance) brought us closer.  We are actually really good friends now, we can still fight but usually it is just for the fight and not because we are mad. 

Patty (The Other One):  Ok so she is not really my sister but I claim her anyway.  She is a transplant to the area and I guess I kinda like her and she fits right in.  She may be older than me but I have been around longer so I try to pull rank...and never succeed at it. 

Patty, Maggie, Katie, Liz, and Emma

I cannot think of a day that goes by that I don't talk to any and all of these girls, and most days I see them face to face.  I said we were close.

Mom and Dad:

These 2 are the greatest parents a girl could ask for.  From an early age my parents let me make decisions for myself.  They taught me not only to make decisions for myself but also made me live with the consequences of my actions.  Most people think the youngest is spoiled by the parents and that is true in some ways, but I am way more spoiled by the girls that I am my parents. 

My dad is a staple at my gym and has lost well over 100lbs.  He is a great inspiration of not only losing weight but keeping it off.  We share workout tips and have a good time when we actually get to workout together, even though I'm stronger than him!

Now mom, she spoils me.  More so now that I am an adult than I remember when I was a kid.  She is a great listener and lets me vent to her and lets me talk about my blog to her even though she has no idea what I am talking about half the time.  She has never owned a computer! 

Dad and one of the babies.  Its hard to find a picture of dad without at least one child in it.

Then we have the babies. 

How lucky could one girl be!  As I like to say, "These are a few of my favorite things!" This is why I stay so busy all the time and I would not change it for the world.  I love getting to attend all their events and have truly watched them grow up.  I was 10 years old when I became and aunt and there was a baby about every 1 to 2 years from that point on.  I never knew anything but a large family and I hope they grow up the same way. 

I would do anything for these babies.

Bro In Laws:

Ok, so I don't have any pictures of these guys....this was the only one I could find.  These 3 boys can take care of all kinds of things.  Once can fix anything, if he cant he will make a part that will fix the problem.  Another is a computer guy, he has saved my computer from death I cant tell you how many times.  The other is a cop...we wont go into detail about that but it is very helpful at times.

Of course these guys are way better than just fixers and helpers.  They are like real brothers.  The one on the ladder has been part of my life since I was 7.  They don't feel like in-laws cause they are not....they are just family.

My family is large and we get looks a lot because we do most everything together.  You may see us in small groups but its rare to see just one.  My family means more to me than anything in the entire world.  I know they would do anything for me.

This is my happy!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quotable Quotes

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”

Lao Tzu

It spoke to me tonight...what can I say!

On My Feet All Day Long

I had to take a break and get on here and blog, otherwise it would be hours before I get to it.  I have had a full day and most of it I have been on my feet.  I had to wake up early this morning and go be on a radio show talking about our No Boundaries run, fun stuff, even thought I think I used a word incorrectly and it got me so frazzled that I couldn't speak!  It was a good time.

Luckily, when you are on the radio you don't have to be seen so I actually went in my workout clothes so when it was over I could go straight to the gym and I also didn't have to take a shower right before I worked out.  That really makes no sense to me at all.  I got in the pool this morning trying again to workout some of the soreness out of my shoulder.  It does feel better but it hurt at the time.  Then off to work.  I have started getting ready at the gym instead of driving home.  It lets me go to the gym later so I can sleep later and also it saves gas.  Over $3 a gallon, I'm saving all the fuel I can.  I also got a new gym bag.  I got tired of carrying a 2 bags and sometimes more than that just for my day, 2 sets of workout clothes, bathing suits, toiletry bag and work clothes, so I have bought a new gym bag, a huge gym bag that is making my life so much easier.  Its almost big enough for me to live in but so nice.

Annnnyway....after workout #1 I had to go to an Open House.  Great turn out and way better than sitting at a desk all day long.  Work done, more work to go.  I kinda had ADD today because when I got home I got side tracked and started cleaning out my garage.  That would have been a perfect opportunity to sit for a few minutes but instead I cleaned out my garage and my car.  (I don't know why?)

So finally to the gym for my second workout.  When I got there the workout class I was going to do was cancelled so instead I opted for water aerobics.  I wanted to learn this class so maybe if they need someone to fill in and teach it I could help.  It was much harder than I expected, most people have the idea that water aerobics is for old ladies but it was nice and there were young people in the class.

 I didn't feel like it got my heart rate up high enough so I did a little bit of cardio after water.

I am finally home now and my house is a wreck.  Its like things have just gotten placed all around my house and nothing really has a home, so for the rest of the night I am finding a home for these things.  I have laundry going, dishes in the wash, folding the laundry from the other day that I still haven't finished.

Overall, I have had a great day!  My body is tired, me knee hurts, and I am ready for bed.  I am pretty worn down so I am only doing one workout tomorrow.  Well I say that now but if I have an abundance of time and energy tomorrow we will play it by ear. 

Ok back to work now so I can get to bed.  Night guys!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Running Events Coming Up

The countdown is on.  In one week from today, 7 days, I go back to the doctor and hopefully I will be released to run.  I have worked so hard over the last 5 weeks keeping my cardio up so that when I get to run again I wont be so far behind and now it's getting so close. 

I have some concerns. I hope I can run with no pain and I hope my brace doesn't get in the way to bad.  I want to be able to run but not at the expense of my future.  I want to play with my kids in the yard one day and not have to tell them that I cannot do it because I was determined to be a runner when I was 27 and now I cannot play without pain.  So all that being said, I will not just give us on being a runner.

I have a couple of fun runs and events coming up that I am extremely excited about.  For starters I have been lucky enough to be asked to coach with a No Boundaries team.  My running partner is the Head Coach so I had an "In." 

The program is designed to help beginners train for a 5k race.  Its 10 weeks and for the Grand Finale we will run the Cotton Row Run in Huntsville on May 30th.  I like this program because running doesn't start with a Marathon, it starts with one run, 1 mile or 1 minute and hopefully this can keep people motivated and keep them coming back for more.  Its a group effort, every one is a beginner, no judgement, just fun and running.  And you get to do a race at the end!

Then the first week in April I will be returning to Lynchburg, TN to defend my title run the Oak Barrel Half-Marathon.  I enjoyed this race so much last year, minus the bloody feet, but this year I think I can do better.  I think I can rock this out.  I was hoping to beat my time by 1 hour from last year but since I haven't been able to train I will just take beating my time, period. 

Oh the excitement is too much.  I cant wait to feel the concrete under my feet again!

Biggest Loser

After this weeks episode everyone I have talked to has had some poor pitiful Arthur comment for me.  I am afraid I just don't share the same love for Arthur that everyone else in America does.  I rarely ever like the heaviest contestant and this year was not much different.  I like Arthur fine, but I just never thought he was giving all he could.  Also, Arthur played the game and last night the game fought back.  There are consequences to every action and last night those consequences sent him home.

The girl on the black team that I cannot be bothered to remember her name almost made me want to stop watching the show.  When she was going to throw the challenge just so she didn't have to decide....oh my heavens I was about to die!!!!  Why would she leave her faith in others hands.  She doesn't seem to have a strong alliance to either side so why leave yourself out there to dry.  She fought back which made me pretty happy but makes me think twice before I root for her in the future.

I have to give mad props to the 21 year old who turned down cake on his 21st birthday.  Hell, turned down cake and drinks and a night of all out partying.  I don't know many people that would do that, I am certainly not one of them.  He can celebrate when the show is over!

Finally, we end with a question from last nights episode.  What is with that treadmill they were using to run a 5k?  These people were running great at home in the clips they showed of them and then all of a sudden they are on the ranch and cannot run on the Curve treadmill.  What is with that thing??  Why is it so hard?  And can I get one?  I just couldn't understand...if anyone has one please explain it to me.

I Just Had To Make that Comment

This is what I get for making the "stroke" comment I guess.  I am so so so so sore!  Sore from my head to my toe.  I could tell it was coming but I had no idea it would be this bad.  My hammies are so sore that I cannot bend over and get stuff off the floor.  My butt hurts to sit and stand, so what else is there.  My abs scream with every breath, so laughter and sneezes are excruciating and the worst of all.....the absolute worst is the left arm.  I just had to make a joke about a stroke and now my left arm is useless.  From the elbow down it is fine, but from the elbow up USELESS.  Its that good kind of sore that screams I did something so hard and so intense that now I cannot move, but feels so good that I just want to get back to the gym and do it again! 

Aside from the full body pain thing in my world are still on track and it feels good.  I hope I can keep this going for a while.  The scales were on my side this morning.  I was trying to get to the gym by 8 this morning but then I got caught up in other things and finally got there around 11:30.  Just a little bit late.  I focused on my lower body and cardio at the gym today because the arm cant lift the telephone much less a barbell.

My food has also been on track today.  I am struggling as it gets later and later because I am hungry, or at least I think I am.  I have been pounding water to keep my stomach full so maybe I wont get into the snacks to much but right now it does not look too good.  I want to eat!  I think I was a little bit dehydrated today.  I have really stepped up the workouts for the last couple of 4 days or so and I don't think I am replenishing all that well.  Now I am upping my water to keep up with all this sweating.

I'm pounding the water today to hopefully catch up and also keep my stomach full so I don't eat everything in site.  I have one more workout tonight and hopefully I can get just as much of a burn as I got yesterday!  That would be 2 great days in a row!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day that Was So Good It Makes Me Want to Cry

I would say lets start with the good stuff but most of my day was pretty good so I will just let you know how it all went.

I overslept this morning and thought the day was off to a bad start.  But things quickly turned around.  I got up and dressed so fast I thought my head was going to explode.  I was going to be meeting someone today and my biggest fear was that I would miss them because I overslept.  I actually slept through my alarm, it went off for over an hour before it finally woke me up.  After last nights workout it is so explainable of why I was exhausted.

We did the High Interval Training last night and it was more difficult that I could have ever expected.  There was a lot of sweat, heart rates that threatened stroke, and the threat of tears (none were shed.)  On the way home I noticed that my hand was shaking on the steering wheel.  By the time I got home I had an email from my workout buddy saying that she was still shaking.

Anyway, I woke up so very sore.  It feels like golf balls under my should blades and my inner thighs are screaming.  I missed my morning workout because of the oversleeping but was determined to make it up. 

I had a lunch date with my client that I was supposed to meet.  We had a delicious Mexican fiesta and I didn't overeat.  I enjoyed what I ordered, had some chips and salsa, but was not overstuffed like I usually am when I leave.  That really jump started my decision can really affect so many things.

I finally got to the gym.  I had the swim with my swimming partner, and then I stayed in the pool for a little solo swim time.  I was really focusing on my arms today hoping to workout some of the soreness.  I failed by the way!  Then it was off to a group fitness class.  I was really nervous about going to class because the last time I tried to do it I had to leave the class because it hurt my knee.  Well today I did not have to leave, I was able to participate the entire hour!!!!!!!!!!  I followed the doctors orders and didn't jump or do any impact moves but I was absolutely sweating my brains and it did hurt.  I was so relieved!  I was so pumped when I left the gym.

I had to run to the store and had about 5000 things to do before I could go to bed.   I ran by Wal-Mart, then home to do laundry, pack food, lay out clothes for tomorrow, and cook dinner.  I was starving, but since I had a higher calorie lunch than I had planned on I wanted to go a little bit light.  I unpacked my car and got everything inside and started getting into my routine for the night.  I thought it was winding down time.  Once I started eating dinner I realized that I had not seen my phone in about an hour.  Food down the hatch and off to search for my phone.  When I found it I had a calendar reminder that my nieces volleyball game started 5 minutes ago!  (Wouldn't it be nice if a phone would give you a reminder of upcoming events....oh right it does)  So I was running around like crazy getting ready to go to the ballgame. 

I made it to the game and they were running late.  Yeah!  When I got there, 2 hours after leaving the gym I was still pumped up.  I finally got home about 9:30 and started my nightly routine again.  Luckily my VCR was recording Biggest Loser so I didn't miss it.  (No I don't have a DVR)  I'm finally watching it...Ill try to get you an update later.  I have to get to bed tonight because I am hoping not to sleep through my alarm again in the morning and actually go workout.

After I plugged in my body bugg tonight I had a calorie intake of 1777 and a burn of 3919!  Man that is a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!

I hope tomorrow goes as well.

Its A Love Hate Relationship

The vending machine at work....I am so torn.  For starters, the vending machine holds all the yummy deliciousness that made me fat, the candy, the chips, the small little pastries that taste wonderful and also have 39 grams of fat.  I always hope to be that girl that can lose weight and change my diet and never want these foods again, but I am not!  I think a Snickers or Doritos  would be good about anytime of the day.  For this I hate this machine.

One the other hand, the machine that I have to look at 1000 times a day has a wonderful concave shape on the glass in the front.  This means that when I stand in front of it it makes me look like I weigh about 150lbs.  So in order to see the beautiful shape of my body I have to stand and look at all the food. 
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