Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Biggest Loser

After this weeks episode everyone I have talked to has had some poor pitiful Arthur comment for me.  I am afraid I just don't share the same love for Arthur that everyone else in America does.  I rarely ever like the heaviest contestant and this year was not much different.  I like Arthur fine, but I just never thought he was giving all he could.  Also, Arthur played the game and last night the game fought back.  There are consequences to every action and last night those consequences sent him home.

The girl on the black team that I cannot be bothered to remember her name almost made me want to stop watching the show.  When she was going to throw the challenge just so she didn't have to decide....oh my heavens I was about to die!!!!  Why would she leave her faith in others hands.  She doesn't seem to have a strong alliance to either side so why leave yourself out there to dry.  She fought back which made me pretty happy but makes me think twice before I root for her in the future.

I have to give mad props to the 21 year old who turned down cake on his 21st birthday.  Hell, turned down cake and drinks and a night of all out partying.  I don't know many people that would do that, I am certainly not one of them.  He can celebrate when the show is over!

Finally, we end with a question from last nights episode.  What is with that treadmill they were using to run a 5k?  These people were running great at home in the clips they showed of them and then all of a sudden they are on the ranch and cannot run on the Curve treadmill.  What is with that thing??  Why is it so hard?  And can I get one?  I just couldn't understand...if anyone has one please explain it to me.


Anonymous said...

My husband informed me that the treadmill is powered by the person. It does not have a motor so you have to propel it yourself. The curve makes it so that you are always going uphill. BTW, I don't know you personally but I LOVE your blog!

Emily said...

Thanks that is actually really helpful. I knew it was not motorized but I didnt know it was uphill.

Thanks for reading my blog...who are you?

Elizabeth said...

dude, i don't love arthur either. time to let him go and move on! (and i was wonderng about the 5k at first until i really looked and saw the shape of the treadmill and heard some comment about powering it themselves).

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