Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blogger MIA

I'm have not intentionally been missing this weekend...I have just been outside.  This weekend I have only gotten one workout in the gym and the rest of my calorie burn has been outside.  I spent all day Saturday working in my back yard.  There was a huge pile of leaves and a tree that was out of control.  Its been driving me crazy for months now but I thought since we finally had beautiful weather it was time to get out into the yard and get going.

Before:  I just scooped up the children along with the leaves.

After:  Still a small pile of leaves that need to be moved but there are tons of sticks in there so I have to get those out first.  And the bush is gone...well its still there but much smaller. 

BTW:  I realized the bush that I have hated for months and months now and finally chopped down is not actually on my property, so I officially cut down my neighbors tree.  Is he would just cut it back I wouldn't have to cut it down.

I worked forever on Saturday in my yard and I know all the tugging, pulling, and mowing had to burn plenty of calories. Then it was off to a birthday party.

I was going to finish up the yard this afternoon but I was more tired than I was motivated to work so I took my usual Sunday afternoon nap.  No work outside today....wrong!  I actually ended up helping one of my sisters cut down a tree in her yard. 

So basically I have spent the weekend getting nasty working in the yard and smelling like a goat and then wanting and dreading the shower because it burns all my nicks and cuts on my legs and arms.

I wanted to get on here tonight because I don't know when tomorrow I will get to post.  My week this week is less crazy than last week but still full. 

And I am so excited because our No Boundaries program starts tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!  I hope it is as fun I am expecting it to be. 

Have a good night!

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