Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Broken Promises

Call me a liar but I really did try to post  but yet again, it is 11pm and I am just now posting. 

I had another good day today.  I started off today in the pool.  I really didn't swim that much myself but after the pool I got to go to zumba.  The radio kept messing up during the class today but apparently it didn't do anything to the calorie burn because I was pouring sweat the entire time. 

Then tonight I was planning on going roller skating but I had the times wrong so I didn't get to go (sad face.)  Instead of skating I went to our first No Boundaries meeting.  Lets start with the good first.  We had a great turnout, better than I expected since we have the Cancer Society show going on right now and lots of people from my hometown are involved in this and it really takes the entire week.  We had lots show up for the first visit and get their packets.  We got lots of goodies.

Check this out:  I got a few more things because I am a coach.  For starters 2 tech shirts, one team one coach shirt, a water bottle, running hat and bag.  Then the guy who was going over shoes and insoles gave me a pair for free.  These are the ones I am currently wearing in my shoes, how great is that.  It's all New Balance stuff and I don't have anything NB yet so I am happy to give it a try.

Ok, then we get to this modeling running clothes.  As a coach we had to put on running clothes for the group and show them some different options.  I told the girl if she could find women's running clothes in my size then I would gladly wear them....hell I would buy them because apparently clothing companies think that only size 8 people run and they really don't make them for women in above a 16 and it is a really small tight 16.  So when I walked in she brought me a running skirt (no typo skirt) and a women's XL shirt.  The shirt was so tight that it barely covered my bellybutton, I took it straight off and hung it back up....not happening!  So we move on to the skirt, it fit, that was a bonus and I wasn't expecting it, but it was so short!  I am aware of what my body looks like, that is why I don't wear short stuff, my shorts come to the top of my knees because I am not comfortable in something that short.  Well everyone kept telling me it looked fine, code for:  you don't get anything else so wear it and shut up!  So I went out and found a men's XL shirt and wore the super short skirt and let everyone see how pretty it was.  The other coach got to wear the longer more appropriate length shorts....hello the big girl would have liked that.

Overall the meeting was a success, and the swag was great. (minus the shorty skirt thing)  I finally headed home about 8:30.  I was hungry and had not eaten before we went to the meeting.  I kept thinking I would just grab something on the way home.  As I started to decide what I was going to eat I realized that it was fast food that I gave up for Lent.  I am not Catholic but I thought it would be a good decision to give something up for lent....something real that would be an actual sacrifice.  So instead of stopping at a fast food joint we stopped at the grocery store so I could pick up something to eat for dinner. 

So my bags are packed for tomorrow, I ate dinner and now I am watching Biggest Loser and chowing down on some all natural Rainbow Sherbet.  Up early tomorrow to run some steps and maybe run on the road, but swim for sure.  Depend on how the leg feels if I run or not. 

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Leanne said...

Great goody bag!!

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