Thursday, March 17, 2011

Goal Accomplished

Last nights workout was pretty tough.  So tough that I am sore today.  Its a good sore today and not that cant move sore, but hurting none the less.  We did a circuit last night with some new exercises and some old faithful exercises as well.  One new exercise that we did last night was taking a barbell and holding it over head, then dropping it down from shoulder to shoulder.  That is what has made me sore. 

When we got done with our circuit I had to lay on the ground for a few just to make sure I was not dying.  We went to walk just a bit before we left...we always walk to warm up and cool down.  Well, while we were walking around I wanted to show her a new bicep workout that I learned.  Remember I told you all about it.  We did one set, one set of 5, and my workout buddy yelled at me.  It hurt my feelers pretty bad but I put on my  tough skin and got over it.  My sweet, timid, quiet workout buddy yelled!

So this morning we had a short run scheduled.  Well wires got crossed (my running buddy lost her phone) so the run was shorter than we even planned but it was one of the best I have had in a while...pre-marathon good.  I figured since we had so little time we could at least run faster than normal.  We were under an 11 min pace which is really a lot faster for me. 

When I got to the gym this morning to run (that's our meeting place) it was about 50 degrees outside.  Beautiful weather to run in.  I had on a short sleeve shirt with a light weight fleece over it and a hat.  About half way through our run, all in an instant it became 114 degrees outside.  Luckily my running buddy can run with something tied around her waist because I started stripping off clothing as fast as I could get it off my body.  I thought I was having a heat stroke.  Once back at the gym I got the rest of my clothing off even faster than I thought was possible.

After the run I rushed off to work.  When I got there I was so fired up from my run my sentences were all really fast with lots of words in very short amounts of time.  Anyway, I have calmed down now but so ready to run again.  It felt so good this morning and with shorter distances my knee doesn't hurt hardly at all.

Next:  Tonight if I get a chance to workout it will have to be really late because I am booked up til about 8 o'clock.  I'm thinking about no nighttime workout tonight, instead take the excess 13 minutes of my time and going and getting a new cell phone and then killing it in the morning.

Oh, my cell phone has decided that it no longer wants to work; it freezes and will not hold a charge.  Do you think cell phone companies program a virus for 2 years exactly so that you have to get a new phone every 2 years whether you want it or not?  I am beginning to think they do.  I have been shopping all day and just thought I was going to get an iphone...I think I'm cool enough for an iphone, but after much shopping I may be going in another direction completely, maybe not as cool as I thought.  I really just want a phone that works!

I hope tomorrows run goes as well as today.


farmgirl19 said...

If I had to guess, workout buddy yelled because that exercise was evil...

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a big difference in temperature!!

I don't like being yelled at either. It hurts my feelers too!

Emily said...

Thanks Ellie! I knew someone would be on my side.

FarmGirl...quit whining!!!!!

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