Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Good Was Biggest Loser Last Night?!?!?!

Now that was one of the best episodes I have seen in a really long time.  It made it so much more interesting when the game play aspect was removed and the focus was weight loss and weight loss only.

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

I was impressed with the workouts that they put in and was so happy that they showed more of the workouts and less of the gushy stuff.  The workout part is my favorite.  Not only was I inspired but I was writing down with pencil and paper some of the things they were doing so I could try them out for myself (and my workout buddy) tonight.

And as much as I didn't want to I really started to like Courtney's mom.  I still don't like Courtney all that much, ok, I really don't like her at all still, but her mom was a hard worker and really was inspiring to the other contestants.  I was sad to see her go but happy that she was willing to leave with class and dignity.  Yeah to her!!!

For the first time in a long time I didn't finish watching the episode angry at anyone.  They all worked so hard.  But is the Biggest Loser love bird in the air again.  Did anyone notice that Courtney and Brown Team Boy (I think his name is Austin) are spending lots of time together?  I smell a love connection!!!!!

Again, the Biggest Loser didn't disappointment!

More Biggest Loser News:

My friend that auditioned the same year that I did and made it to the final round of auditions has gone after it again...and by golly if she hasn't made it past the first round again.  This could really be her year.  I told her if she makes it that I need to be the person that comes and runs the marathon with her at the end. 

And...Biggest Loser people out there...I assume you are reading and obsessed with my blog like I am obsessed with your show (a Girl can dream right?)  I would really like a Biggest Loser t-shirt!  Please?

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Kelty said...

I liked this episode too! The workouts really are the best part. I actually really like Courtney least her attitude towards working out. It's kind of a crazy season though, since they are all so tiny now (well not all, buy you know). Some of them are even smaller than me and I feel like they just started!

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