Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Just Had To Make that Comment

This is what I get for making the "stroke" comment I guess.  I am so so so so sore!  Sore from my head to my toe.  I could tell it was coming but I had no idea it would be this bad.  My hammies are so sore that I cannot bend over and get stuff off the floor.  My butt hurts to sit and stand, so what else is there.  My abs scream with every breath, so laughter and sneezes are excruciating and the worst of all.....the absolute worst is the left arm.  I just had to make a joke about a stroke and now my left arm is useless.  From the elbow down it is fine, but from the elbow up USELESS.  Its that good kind of sore that screams I did something so hard and so intense that now I cannot move, but feels so good that I just want to get back to the gym and do it again! 

Aside from the full body pain thing in my world are still on track and it feels good.  I hope I can keep this going for a while.  The scales were on my side this morning.  I was trying to get to the gym by 8 this morning but then I got caught up in other things and finally got there around 11:30.  Just a little bit late.  I focused on my lower body and cardio at the gym today because the arm cant lift the telephone much less a barbell.

My food has also been on track today.  I am struggling as it gets later and later because I am hungry, or at least I think I am.  I have been pounding water to keep my stomach full so maybe I wont get into the snacks to much but right now it does not look too good.  I want to eat!  I think I was a little bit dehydrated today.  I have really stepped up the workouts for the last couple of 4 days or so and I don't think I am replenishing all that well.  Now I am upping my water to keep up with all this sweating.

I'm pounding the water today to hopefully catch up and also keep my stomach full so I don't eat everything in site.  I have one more workout tonight and hopefully I can get just as much of a burn as I got yesterday!  That would be 2 great days in a row!

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