Friday, March 11, 2011

I Would Love to Explain

So much has happened in the last 2 days that I don't think I can even possibly tell you everything.  I woke up yesterday at 8am and I still have not been back to sleep since then.  For that I will go ahead and apologize because I think my last 48 hours have been hysterical but my judgement is severely compromised at this point.

Yard Sale!!!!!  My sisters (I'm not taking any credit for this one) decided that it was time to do another yard sale.  We had a yard sale 3 years ago that was massive and everyone promised that we would never ever have to do that again...they lied!  This whole week they have been working there butts off getting ready for the sale, selling 17 years worth of children's clothes before we sell all the junk that goes in the yard sale.  I helped when I could but I feel sorry for them, they have been doing this straight for days and days and days now.....

Ok, sorry, I got carried away.  So yesterday I picked up an extra shift at work but was able to go to the Core Power class before I had to be at work.  Only one workout!  I worked until 10pm and went straight over to the sale to help get stuff priced and organized for this morning.  Then the dreaded words that no one ever wants to hear, "We are going to be here all night!"  Dum Dum Dum!  I usually only hear that on Day After Thanksgiving. Then the obsessive planning started.  "Let's go home and take showers and get ready for the day."  It was 11pm, not the next day yet, but like the youngest that I am, I went home, showered up and even took my multi-vitamin like I was going to bed, but instead of bed I wrapped up in my redneck overall coveralls and went back out to stand in the freezing cold night and move heavy stuff around.

I already had plans to meet with my running buddy this morning and I was not about to cancel.  I left Yard Sale Hell just before 8 to meet her at the gym so we could finally get to run together.  This was my first real run in 6 weeks, I know I did the mile on the treadmill but running on the road is so much different.  Since this was my first day back and our No Boundaries program is fixing to start up we actually set off to get measurements for specific distances that we will have to run in our 10 week training program.  It was a nice run, a few more walk breaks than normal but able to do it none the less.  We were able to mark off several different courses.  I was sure after the cold night outside that I would never get warm again, but I didn't just get warm I got HOT.  H-O-T HOT.  My face is still burning.

After the run it was off to show property then back to YSH! 

Like always we ended up having a good time.  It was a good time until it became a GREAT time.  We had a few things for sale that were really stretching the limit of junk.  There was a broken big screen TV for $5 but if anyone would take it we would have given them a dollar (seriously.)  And the broken scooter and the broken washing machine.  Why all three of these things were not at the dump I do not know!  Some guy decided that he would take the TV.  The broken TV and he didn't charge us a dollar.  He was going to take it and try to sell it so he could come back and buy the broken washer.  The idea in itself was funny, but when we realized how he was fixing to transport it did the laughter start.

I took a little video of the loading of the TV but I cannot put it on here because of the shear volume of butt crack.  My sister in her exhausted state asked if she could take his picture...and he agreed.

The caption on this email reads, "Craziest shit I have ever seen!"  I couldn't have said it better myself.

I finally escaped the Yard Sale and headed off to Job #2.  Its a nice break to sit down for a while but the longer I sit in one place I become more and more aware of how tired I really am.  I am trying not to blink to long for fear that I will fall asleep right her at my desk.

My body is also adjusting to the impact workouts.  I didn't realize how it would feel after my 6 week sabbatical but my legs are sore and my knee is a little bit tender but I think overall I am holding together pretty well.  I could also be sore from standing up for the last 36 hours, maybe just maybe that could be the reason.

One more day of Yard Sale tomorrow.  And no more workouts tonight, just sleep, hopefully!?!?!?

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