Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its A Love Hate Relationship

The vending machine at work....I am so torn.  For starters, the vending machine holds all the yummy deliciousness that made me fat, the candy, the chips, the small little pastries that taste wonderful and also have 39 grams of fat.  I always hope to be that girl that can lose weight and change my diet and never want these foods again, but I am not!  I think a Snickers or Doritos  would be good about anytime of the day.  For this I hate this machine.

One the other hand, the machine that I have to look at 1000 times a day has a wonderful concave shape on the glass in the front.  This means that when I stand in front of it it makes me look like I weigh about 150lbs.  So in order to see the beautiful shape of my body I have to stand and look at all the food. 

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Kelty said...

When you see that slim shape in the vending machine window just think about achieving it in real life for the long term! That being said, none of us are perfect. I think that there are tons of junk foods that I didn't really enjoy as much as I thought I did, so I can go without those for the rest of my life. BUT, I know that if I don't have a serving of hot cheetos once in the while, I would never stick with my plan! So you have to figure out what's right for you!

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