Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Began

Well the day is just getting started good and I have already run 4 miles!  I just love the way it feels to get the day started off right.  It was this morning that I realized that I missed all 6 weeks of the beautiful running weather.  It has just gotten hot.  I told my running buddy that she needs to get ready because as much as I complained about the cold I hate the hot that much more so just get ready.

But I do have to say this is the type of workout I have been looking for for a while now.  I was sweating and felt like I was really getting something accomplished. 

Our run this morning was a little bit weird.  We did the first mile on the steps, which I participated in, and then moved on to the road.  We had to mark the road for our first run tonight with No Boundaries so we had to stop about quarter mile and mark the road and stop at all the turns.  Once we finished the first mile we didn't have to mark anymore and just got to run.

I also realized today that I needed in an attempt to make Dave Ramsey proud I went to the gas station and bought a pair for $5.99.  Needless to say they are not very pretty but they have the little thing on the nose to keep them from sliding down my face when I get sweaty.  I actually bought a pair of glasses about a year ago that suck so I had to have a new pair.

Sooooooo pretty!

I have no more time to sit around, breakfast is down and time to head off to the office.  I hope to get back on tonight and let you know how our first No Boundaries group run goes! 

1 comment:

Jane said...

Good luck with Nobo tonight!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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