Monday, March 21, 2011


Our first meeting tonight with our No Boundaries went great.  I couldn't believe we had such a great turn out.  (Sorry we had more than you Jane! Ha Ha!)  This is a really run program and I am just blessed to get to be a part of it. 

Tonight the whole thing was a small 5 minute talk and then a one mile run.  I think what I like so much about this program is that is does not take up your entire life.  One day a week we meet as a group and the rest is a personal responsibility (homework) thing. 

While running our mile tonight we ended up creating several different groups, not intentionally, just based on performance level.  The runners were all out front and then the walk/runners were grouped up in several smaller groups. 

I was in charge of the intervals tonight, which....I screwed up.  I had the interval times right just not the run/walk part.  Instead of running one minute and walking two we ran two walked one.  And I think it was the best mistake I ever made.  The interval runners were going to run one and the majority of them were able to run the full 2 minutes.  The mistake was made but instead of quitting they rose to the challenge and were able to do it.

I was so proud of our group and cant wait to do it again. 

I am actually on cloud 9 right now.  I don't normally run this late in the evening, I'm a morning girl.  When I run in the morning it pumps me up for the entire day...well guess what?  When I run in the afternoon it does the same thing.  I am a full of energy, fast talking, crazy person right now!  The fact that I am stuck in a chair is just killing me.  I am going to have to start pacing in a minute just to get some of this energy out. 

My workout buddy...also in the NoBo group is coming to workout tonight and we are going to hit (pun intended) it hard to night with some boxing but not to much cardio since we have both already run today.

Here's to an A-M-A-Zing day!

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