Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Messed Up From the Start

Well my whole day has already fallen into the weird category.

I did wake up early this morning to go run steps with my running buddies.  I was looking forward to it this morning for some reason...I don't look forward to many things that require me to wake up before 6am.  So I got up and got ready and they both cancelled on me this morning.  I know I could have gone by myself but I am not about to run up and down flights of steps all alone.  Not only would it take people hours to find me but it is Spring Break so I could sit at the bottom of a flight of steps for a week and no one would know.

So, I secretly cussed my running buddy and went back to bed.  I know I could have gone and done a number of things but I didn't!  So there.

I did end up seeing my running buddy after lunch today and bless her she looked tired so I let her have a pass.  The other girls kid was sick all night long so, whatever, I guess those are good excuses.  Erin and I decided to go run in the morning later than normal since I will be at work late tonight.  So now I'm not mad at all because I will get my run in after all, just a day late.  I'm just going to keep my cute little running outfit on the edge of the couch to wear tomorrow.  And no it is not a running skirt.

So now on this wonderful Wednesday I am only going to get one workout.  Usually Monday, Wed. and Friday are my big workout days and Tues and Thurs are a little more relaxed.  Im beginning to feel a little bit lazy with two relaxed days in a row.  I just guess tonights workout will have to be intense!!!!! 

Ill let you all know how it goes tonight...I will post even faster if my workout buddy cries!

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