Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Off To the Races

Yesterday was the first day in over a week that I have gotten in my normal routine and I actually did more than I had planned on doing. I swam with my swim buddy like I do every Tuesday. I cancelled on her last week last minute and I was a bit worried that when I went yesterday she wouldn’t understand why I had to cancel so abruptly, but I got worked up over nothing. She was really sweet and had a few questions but all and all we had a really great workout. Then instead of hanging out and swimming laps in the pool like I normally do I went out with my No Boundaries group and got in a 2 mile run before the 5 o'clock class.

We had our group meeting on Monday and it went so good. I am excited to see these people enjoy the run rather than dreading it. They are starting to make friends and they want to come. Really....they want to come run....when this started they were pretty sure I was torturing them for the fun of it. Now they love it. I just knew that would happen.

So we did the 2 miler and then off to HIITS class. My niece was running with the group and then went off to class with me. I am doing much better in a group than I do in solo situations.

Then at class last night the teacher wasn’t feeling well and said it might be a little bit easier than normal....SHE LIES! About halfway through I asked my niece why in the world did we think her class was a good idea and if we should leave. We didn’t but it was a really good idea at that particular time.

It was about 20 minutes after class that I could tell that it had been over a week since I had gotten a good workout because my hip blew out. I think that is the correct medical term, blew out. It was not attached to my body anymore. I looked like a little old woman hobbling around. I even put on IcyHot to ease the pain. If I had only had a floral perfume I could have completed the look.

This morning I woke early and finished my group fitness class at the gym. I filled in for 2 whole classes while another instructor was out. I really had a good time doing it. I wasn’t expecting to like getting up and teaching but it was a fun group. After class this morning I went home and crashed. I hit the bed so hard I thought I might have whiplash. Although the pain in my neck really helped ease the discomfort in my hip. Who knew????

I obviously needed the sleep since I was asleep before my head actually hit the pillow.

I have a late night workout tonight and since I got a power nap today I’m hoping it will be a little more productive than the 25 minute walk on Monday night :)

I hope to get back on tomorrow night. I have 2 weeks of Biggest Loser to watch and I hope what I missed was so good that I will have to post about it. Don’t tell me what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming up this weekend I have the 2nd Annual Oak Barrel Half Marathon...and I am sooooooooo not ready. Having knee surgery took the hope of beating my time by an hour out of the question. Then the fact that last week I didn’t run at all, much less get in a long run, slowed my training down even more. I will still be running the Oak Barrel but probably not as fast as I hoped. I still hope to better my time from last year but I don’t think I will beat my time from the November Half. I’m really just wanting to finish it at this point.

Maybe one more run this week but then 13.1 on Saturday. It makes me chuckle a little bit every time I think about running this weekend.

Have a good night peeps....I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully!

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