Thursday, March 3, 2011

On My Feet All Day Long

I had to take a break and get on here and blog, otherwise it would be hours before I get to it.  I have had a full day and most of it I have been on my feet.  I had to wake up early this morning and go be on a radio show talking about our No Boundaries run, fun stuff, even thought I think I used a word incorrectly and it got me so frazzled that I couldn't speak!  It was a good time.

Luckily, when you are on the radio you don't have to be seen so I actually went in my workout clothes so when it was over I could go straight to the gym and I also didn't have to take a shower right before I worked out.  That really makes no sense to me at all.  I got in the pool this morning trying again to workout some of the soreness out of my shoulder.  It does feel better but it hurt at the time.  Then off to work.  I have started getting ready at the gym instead of driving home.  It lets me go to the gym later so I can sleep later and also it saves gas.  Over $3 a gallon, I'm saving all the fuel I can.  I also got a new gym bag.  I got tired of carrying a 2 bags and sometimes more than that just for my day, 2 sets of workout clothes, bathing suits, toiletry bag and work clothes, so I have bought a new gym bag, a huge gym bag that is making my life so much easier.  Its almost big enough for me to live in but so nice.

Annnnyway....after workout #1 I had to go to an Open House.  Great turn out and way better than sitting at a desk all day long.  Work done, more work to go.  I kinda had ADD today because when I got home I got side tracked and started cleaning out my garage.  That would have been a perfect opportunity to sit for a few minutes but instead I cleaned out my garage and my car.  (I don't know why?)

So finally to the gym for my second workout.  When I got there the workout class I was going to do was cancelled so instead I opted for water aerobics.  I wanted to learn this class so maybe if they need someone to fill in and teach it I could help.  It was much harder than I expected, most people have the idea that water aerobics is for old ladies but it was nice and there were young people in the class.

 I didn't feel like it got my heart rate up high enough so I did a little bit of cardio after water.

I am finally home now and my house is a wreck.  Its like things have just gotten placed all around my house and nothing really has a home, so for the rest of the night I am finding a home for these things.  I have laundry going, dishes in the wash, folding the laundry from the other day that I still haven't finished.

Overall, I have had a great day!  My body is tired, me knee hurts, and I am ready for bed.  I am pretty worn down so I am only doing one workout tomorrow.  Well I say that now but if I have an abundance of time and energy tomorrow we will play it by ear. 

Ok back to work now so I can get to bed.  Night guys!

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