Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Steps Kicked My Butt

When I woke up this morning I was trying to figure out why in the world I was unable to move my body.  I was sore from head to toe and just knew there was no way that the running yesterday made me so sore....then it hit me.  I ran steps yesterday.  I have not really run them since before knee surgery.  My calves and my thighs are just burning with ever step and every seat.

My arms, shoulders and back are also sore.  I know that is from the boxing.  I get sore every single time we box but last night was incredibly physical workout so I expected the top half to hurt.  My workout buddy nearly hit me in the face last night which was a really close call and then she did hit me.  Granted it was only in the arm but it hurt and I have a bruise now!  When you put them both together it makes me want to lay down and go back to bed.

I work with one of the girls in my NoBo group and she told me she was sore today.  When I informed her that I was sore too she smiled and told me that made her feel a lot better!  So mean! 

I also have to do a little bit of bragging on my late night workout buddy.  She is also in the NoBo group.  She runs with me some times late at night but we mostly do sprints, hardly ever, if ever, do we just run.  Well, last night she told me that she ran the entire mile.  Yeah!!!!

Aside from the aching pain throughout my body I am still really jazzed up about our new running group.  I have lots of dread about steps tomorrow morning but just cant wait to get out there and do it again.

Nutrition:  My food the last couple of days has been really good food mixed with one poorly chosen meal most every day.  I have found some great new breakfast options, then I pack my lunch and I usually back slid on dinner.  I have already decided what is for dinner tonight and I am looking forward to it and I really want it to be good. 

I found an organic pizza at the grocery store.  I must admit...I am a fan of the frozen pizza but this one is organic ingredients, quality food, and hopefully delicious.  I haven't eaten pizza since Lent began because that would technically be considered fast food. 

I know you are wondering what my new breakfast options are.  Let me tell you.  My new favorite is 2 whole wheat waffles, (kashi is a good brand) with almond butter between them.  You can add a banana if you like, I prefer to just eat my banana separately, with a little bit of honey drizzled on top.  By not using syrup and using honey instead it saves almost 130 calories, and is still very delicious and sweet.  This one has become my new favorite.

I also found a new cereal that I actually like.  Some of the whole bran, flax business taste like cardboard, but this is Newman's Own Honey Bran Flax Flakes (or something like that) and they also have a Cinnamon variety that I have not tried yet.  It is really good.  I ate a bowl last night when I got off work late and just enjoyed every bite, I even drank the milk out of the bottom of the bowl.

I have been on the hunt for breakfast options so that were not eggs so that I could eat my eggs for dinner, and not oatmeal because in my twisted little mind you can only eat oatmeal in the winter, and these two are both really tasty and good for you. 

If I find anymore yummy options I will let you know about them.  Now its on to more creative things for lunch.  I love my chicken pita but after so many days I need a little variety.  If you have any suggestions that are NOT salad please let me know.

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