Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thank You Dr. Knee Guy!!!!

I made it to the doctor in the gale force winds and sheets of rain this morning.  After a 1 and a half hour drive I spent less than 10 minutes in the doctors office total (wait and all) so that I could hear the most beautiful 3 words ever!!!!!  "You are RELEASED!"

After 6 weeks I finally get to run again.  He really wants me to cut back on the running and since he told me to cut back and not stop running all together we were able to come to a nice agreement on how much I could run.  He said one day a week, I countered with 4 and we settled on 2-3 depending on how the leg feels.

He said that if I ran too much that I would accelerate the arthritis in my knee leading to an early knee replacement and then, no running at all.  I will take the advice and hopefully I will be back to running in a few weeks, just less mileage.  He even said yes to the half marathon and we really didn't discuss the possibility of another full.  I really want to do one more but I need to wait and see how the knee feels with a mile before we start talking about 26.2.

He seemed pretty happy with the fact that I wanted to run some triathlons.  He said that was 2 non-impact exercises with one impact workout, so I think its time to focus in that direction. 

All in all I was very satisfied with my appointment today and ready to run now.

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Naomi said...

Hi, I came over from Lucy's fat to fit. you have got to love it when the DR says those words! Had my own lay off last year, it was horrid!
Happy running!

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