Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend On Track

Aside from not getting enough sleep I have had an amazing weekend.

I got to spend the majority of my weekend with my family. We have worked late nights getting ready for a yard sale and luckily they don’t mind that every single time I came to work I was sweaty and gross from working out.

On Friday night I got one great workout. It was full body weights and a spin workout. I have spent a lot of time online searching for spin routines since the only real cardio I am getting is bike and elliptical. Those 2 things are getting pretty boring so this was an attempt to spice things up. Well it was a success. I’m still working on the High Intensity Intervals and I can really tell a difference. We spun?? for 25 minutes and there was a pretty little pile of sweat surrounding my bike....that has to be good right?

I got to the gym again Saturday night and got to work out with my niece. I did elliptical and Hip Hop abs on Saturday night. She was tough doing sprints on the treadmill while I was doing the elliptical. I was upping the level every two minutes until I couldn’t move the pedals anymore and then would start over at level one. I have been doing this the last few times on the machine and it is really intense. It hurts at level 13 and when there are 2 more levels to go it’s almost impossible, and then it just starts all over again. I know what you’re thinking good workouts but how was the food.

My food has been right on target. I have completed Operation Eat All The Food Out of My Pantry and got to go grocery shopping tonight. I got many many proteins and veggies that I have to get cooked at some point so I can eat them this week. I only hope this week’s food goes as good as last week, maybe even better.

Then today my body was truly tired. I wanted to work out today because it was weights day again so I did just a little bit of cardio and mostly weights. I had to listen to my body and know that it was truly tired and needed a break. On this beautiful cheat day I enjoyed my food...maybe a bit too much. I accidentally got on the Easter candy isle at the store...oops!!!! So I ate an entire mini box of whoppers candy eggs, and they were really good! Ha Ha! I could at least enjoy them since I already ate them. Then I ate pizza for supper.

I think it’s only fair to say after that last sentence that I am starting to feel like I have things back together for the first time in 2 months. I have just been hanging on and I finally feel like the scales are going down again. My workouts are back to where they were before surgery, my food is on track, because the food is better I feel better, I feel in control, and my pants are fitting better. I wore a pair of blue jeans that were to small just a week ago and they felt great. They didn’t squench my belly off or anything. I just think that things are back to where they need to be.

I am ready to see some new results now. I have held between 230-240 for months now and I am happy that I haven’t gained up to 260 or anything like that but I just think it is time for some loss again. I have had this mental and physical block from 100 pounds. I want to hit that number, more than I can explain, but that is not the end of my journey, it is just another number.

I had another talk with myself on why I have not hit this number yet, I have flirted with it for months and months and months now and every time I get close I seem to sabotage myself....why? I want to keep losing weight but part of me is proud of what I can do at this size. I want people to know that just because they are overweight that doesn’t mean can’t do what everyone else can. I ran my marathon at 235 pounds, I proved it, now let’s see how well I can do it at 200 pounds....what do ya think? No more focusing on 100 pounds, it’s time to lose weight again, no more maintaining time for losing.

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Sarah Williams said...

I just wanted to drop a comment to say hi, I just recently started following your blog, I too am on a weight loss journey and keep a blog. Looking for others going thru the same journey!

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