Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weight Loss TV

As many of you may have figured out I love weight loss shows on television.  I am inspired by them and I love to see people when they have made the commitment to lose weight.  Right now I am watching 3 different shows. 

Biggest Loser:  Does it get any better than this show?  I love the contest part of this show.  I like to see people do whatever they have to do to achieve the weight loss that is necessary for them.

Heavy:  One of the thing about this show is the fact that there is no game play involved.  They take morbidly obese people and take them to "Fat Camp" for 6 months and teach them about food, exercise and focus on the personal reasons they gained all their weight.

This show I have to watch online because I don't get this channel.

Shedding for the Wedding:  This is my guilty pleasure.  Its a contest to win their dream wedding so not only are they trying to lose weight but also trying to plan a wedding at the same time.  These people are a little less focused on weight loss but still very entertaining.

I also have to watch this one online when I can because I am at work when it comes on.

I have one massive complaint with all of these shows.  As fun as it is to watch people lose extraordinary amounts of weight, how realistic is it.  They are removed from their everyday lives for months at a time.  Heavy is 6 months long...who can leave the real world for 6 months?  I know it is to save their lives and in extreme cases may be necessary, but I would love to see a show about weight loss where they follow around adults that could not leave there 2 jobs, spouse, and kids.  People who have house payments that must be made and cannot bet on a grand prize of $250,000 when they finally reach their goal weight.  I want one where people are successful in their weight loss while still living a regular normal life. 

They probably cant do it because it take more than 3 months to do when there are more distractions but I think more people might be inspired by the woman who loses 130 pounds in real life than the guy who loses 240 lbs in a closed environment.

What do you think?


Emily said...

I completely agree. In fact; I sometimes find myself discouraged when I watch these shows, because While I put up a 2lb or 3 lb loss for the week, this guys in week 9 are still losing 14 lbs a week... and I have to remind myself that they have no jobs, they work out 11 hours a day, they can afford personal trainers, their groceries are bought for them, etc. a REAL LIFE weight loss show would be great.

journeying said...

Emily, you are precious.

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