Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go?

You know you are off to a bad start when all day on Monday you cannot remember what day of the week it is.  All day long I have though it was Wednesday.   I have a long, very full week, and apparently my mind is already overwhelmed because I cant keep it all straight.

Today I never really got a full workout.  I got to spend about 25 minutes in the pool but did get a half a mile in.  I was running behind so I didn't even get to get in the hot tub when it was OVER!!!!  Oh, the insanity! 

When I got to job #2 it was just a regular day, but I realized that maybe just maybe I would be able to go to the Zumba class tonight.  The other girl working was ok with me taking my lunch at that time and I got to go.  I was a little bit nervous about it because the last time I got to do it it hurt too bad to keep going.  The first thing the teacher said to me when I walked in was "Don't get angry if you can't do it!" and pointed to my knee.  Well, I never had the opportunity to get mad because it didn't hurt.  I had to modify just a bit because I still am not allowed to jump but it was so nice to get back to Zumba.  I can tell I have been gone to long because I cant remember the dances I once knew and there are so many new ones that I don't know.  Its now a Zumba crash course to learn all the new dances.

After work was over I had one more workout to go.  It helped since my morning workout was cut so short.  Tonight was time to box!  The workout started pretty intense and then we tried some new moves, new combinations that we had never done before.  Some of them were so funny we laughed more than we worked.  Finally, we gave up on the boxing combinations and went to abs.  I only wish I had a video camera in the room.  My workout partner whined and complained because she had to do sit-ups and punch at the top.  The first one she did was OK, the second, not so much, the third forth and fifth were littered with ugly faces and the final ones the was just touching the glove to the mitt and not even trying.  When I called her out she gave me that kissy face talking under her breath, yea yea crap.  Again we got tickled. 

I was up next and my first one I came to the top, hit the mitts 4 times (just like she did) and I hear under her breath, "Show off!"  Here we go again with the laughs.  We actually got a really good workout, and our abs did double the work because we had to take giggle breaks.  It made for a intense and fun workout.

Now I am finally home and I have already packed up my lunch for tomorrow.  I put my lunch on the counter this morning before I left and it sat there all day long.  I cannot deal with another day of non-prepared food.  I struggled all day trying to figure out what I was going to eat.  I did pretty well but I did eat some french fries for dinner.  But my lunch is packed for tomorrow, my workout bag is ready to go.  Tomorrow I have the HIITS group class again and then weights.  There will only be one workout tomorrow so it will have to be a good one. 

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